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Guðmundur Kamban
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STEINDOR.  Now it is turning to the other side.—­Hadda Padda!

THE VOICE OF HADDA PADDA (just audible).  Yes.

STEINDOR.  Lower her faster, it amuses her.  She waved her hand to me.

INGOLF.  She waved her hand to you?

STEINDOR.  Oh, she lost the spade.

INGOLF.  She lost the spade!  Didn’t she throw it?

STEINDOR.  I think she lost it.

Act IV

INGOLF.  What is she doing now?

STEINDOR.  I can’t see.

INGOLF.  Is she doing anything?—­It isn’t possible.  Has she a long way left? (Gives the rope as quickly as possible.)

STEINDOR.  No.—­Hadda Padda!

INGOLF.  Now I don’t hear her answer.

STEINDOR.  Nor I. (Calls louder.) Hadda Padda! (Listens.)

INGOLF.  Do you hear her answer?

STEINDOR.  No ...  Yes, yes, now she has heard—­she is waving—­she is waving with both hands.

INGOLF.  Good—­she is alright then.

STEINDOR.  Now I think she is down!

INGOLF.  The rope does not slacken—­

STEINDOR.  I don’t see her moving any more.

INGOLF [as the rope slackens].  Well, now she is down!  Do you see her?

STEINDOR.  She just picked up the spade.  Now she is going with it way under the rock.

INGOLF (He holds the rope so loosely, that it runs freely through his fingers).  She evidently intends to dig up some angelica before searching.

STEINDOR.  The rope is dragging along with her, she has not untied it.

INGOLF.  Do you see her?


INGOLF.  Let us wait calmly. (Rests his chin in his palm.)

 INGOLF.  Do you see her?


INGOLF.  I wish she would come out soon.

INGOLF.  Do you see her?


INGOLF.  I can’t understand what is keeping her so long.

STEINDOR.  You couldn’t expect her any sooner. (Peers down.) She has just come from under the rock.  She has an angelica with her.

INGOLF.  She is jerking the rope—­she jerked three times.

STEINDOR.  She tied the spade and angelica to the rope.  Pull it up! 
(INGOLF pulls the rope up quickly.)

STEINDOR.  Now she is going to look for the pearls.

INGOLF (The fear and anxiety seen on his face all this time give place to a more cheerful expression).  Now we can be at ease.  Who knows, maybe she will find the pearls!

STEINDOR.  She is searching in the pool.  She is pulling out the duck-weed.

INGOLF (draws the spade and angelica up over the edge, loosens the rope, coils it up, and throws it down again).

STEINDOR.  She is walking around the pool.  Now she has turned her back to me.  I can’t see—­I think she is looking around ... she is bending over the pool.

INGOLF.  Now I am at ease—­

STEINDOR.  Now she jumped up!  She is raising her arms—­she is waving the pearls at me!

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