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“‘Ye can see be this that me life has been almost too gay, but th’ merrymint goes blithely on.  Fr’m here I go to Bawstown where I expict to pat th’ Bunker Hill monymint on th’ head an’ have a look at th’ new railway station.  Then I will take in Buffly, Cichago (pro-nounced Sichawgo), Saint Looey, Three Rapids, Idaho, Pinnsylvanya, an’ mos’ iv th’ large cities iv th’ west, includin’ Chatahooga where wan iv th’ gr-reat battles iv th’ rivolution was fought between Gin’ral Sigel an’ Gin’ral Zollycoffer.  I ixpict to larn a good deal about th’ steel, pork, corn, lard an’ lithrachoor iv th’ counthry befure I rayturn.  But this buttherfly existence is killin’ me.  It is far too gay.  I suppose whin I was younger, I wud’ve injyed it, but me time f’r socyal fistivities has passed an’ I long f’r th’ quiet iv home life among th’ simple ryelties iv Europe.  Ye’ers, Hinnery.’

“Yes, he’s havin’ a good time.  But what th’ pa-apers calls th’ climax iv th’ intertainmint will be reached whin he arrives in Chicago.  Schwartzmeister an’ I will rayceive him.  Schwartzmeister’s fam’ly knew his in th’ ol’ counthry.  He had an uncle that was booted all th’ way fr’m Sedan to Paris be a cousin iv th’ Prince.  We’ve arranged th’ programme as far as Ar-rchey road is consarned.  Monday mornin’, visit to Kennedy’s packin’ house; afthernoon, Riordan’s blacksmith shop; avenin’, ‘Th’ Two Orphans,’ at th’ Halsted sthreet opry house.  Choosdah, iliven A.M., inspiction iv th’ rollin’ mills ; afthernoon, visit to Feeney’s coal yard; avenin’, ‘Bells iv Corneville,’ at th’ opry house.  Winsdah mornin’, tug ride on th’ river fr’m Thirty-first sthreet to Law’s coal yard; afthernoon, a call on th’ tanneries, th’ cable barn an’ th’ brick yards; avenin’, dinner an’ rayciption be th’ retail saloonkeepers.  There’s th’ whole programme.  They may think in New York they are givin’ him a good time but we’ll show him what gayety ra-aly is, an’ inform him iv th’ foundation iv our supreemacy as a nation.  That’s what he wants to see an’ we’ll show it to him.”

“Goowan,” said Mr. Hennessy.  “He don’t know ye.”

“I bet ye he knows me as much as he knows thim,” said Mr. Dooley.  “To a ra-ale prince, they can’t be much diff’rence between a man who sells liquor be th’ pail an’ wan that sells it be th’ distillery, between a man that makes a horseshoe an’ wan that makes a mlllyion tons iv steel.  We’re all alike to him—­Carnaygie, Rockyfellar, Morgan, Schwartzmeister an’ me.”

“Well, he certainly has been well rayceived,” said Mr. Hennessy.

“I wondher,” said Mr. Dooley, “if he thinks ‘tis on th’ square!”

Cuba vs.  Beet Sugar

“What’s all this about Cubia an’ th’ Ph’lippeens?” asked Mr. Hennessy.  “What’s beet sugar?”

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