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the physical man.  His mind was big enough, and so was his self-confidence, to have led the Assyrian and Chaldean army against the Hebrews.  To this end, and to further the formula of his statesmanship, no sooner was he twenty-one, and the corner just turned, than he sounded his war-trumpet-secession or death!—­mounted the rostrum and “stump’d it,” to sound the goodness and greatness of South Carolina, and total annihilation to all unbelievers in nullification.  It was like Jonah and the whale, except the swallowing, which spunky Tommy promised should be his office, if the Federal Government didn’t toe the mark.  Yes, Tommy was a candidate for the legislature, and for the Southern Congress, (which latter was exclusively chivalrous;) and the reader must not be surprised when we tell him that he lacked but a few votes of being elected to the former.  Such was the voice of the Charleston district.

Supper had been discussed down to the fragments, and all expressed their satisfaction of the quantity and declined any more; but George called on another bottle of champagne, and insisted that the party should take a parting glass.  The servant had begun to extinguish the lights-a sure sign that the success of the bar was ended for the night.  George reprimanded the negro-the sparkling beverage was brought, glasses filled up, touched, and drunk with the standing toast of South Carolina.  A motion to adjourn was made and seconded, and the party, feeling satisfied with their evening’s recreation, moved off accordingly.


A few points of the law.

In Charleston, such an adjournment at a bar-room or an eating-house, when parties are enjoying what is termed a “pleasant occasion,” does not mean an adjournment to the domestic fireside; nor are the distinctions between married and single men regarded, though domestic attachments may be considered as governing the thoughts and feelings.  The practical definition of such an adjournment means to some place where beauty secludes itself to waste in shame.

The party descended into the lower bar-room, which, though rather thinned, presented a picture of characters stimulated to the tottering point.  A motion had been made and strongly seconded to visit the voluptuous house of a certain lady, which it is considered a stranger has not seen Charleston until he has visited.  The Captain remonstrated against this, assuring the party that he must go to the ship and needed rest.  Again and again they insisted, setting forth the charms and beauty of the denizens, but he as often declined in the most positive manner.  Unable to move him in his resolution, one by one began to give him a hearty shake of the hand and bid him good-night, leaving little Master George to the exclusive honor of seeing him home.

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