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List of Illustrations

Phyllis --------------------- John W. Alexander
Woman and Child:  Rose Scarf — Mary Cassatt
Morning in the Provence ----- Henri Georget
The Promenade --------------- Gustave Pierre
The Procession -------------- Ettore Tito
The Fortune Teller ---------- F. Luis Mora
Water Fall ------------------ Elmer Schofield
The Peacemaker -------------- Ernest L. Blumenschein
The White Vase -------------- Hugh H. Breckenridge
Winter in the Forest -------- Anshelm Schultzberg
Winter at Amsterdam --------- Willem Witsen
In the Rhine Meadows -------- Heinrich Von Zugel
The Mirror ------------------ Dennis Miller Bunker
Coming of the Line Storm ——­ Frederick J. Waugh
Lavender and Old Ivory ------ Lilian Westcott Hale
Green and Violet:  Portrait of Mrs. E. Milicent Cobden — James McNeill
The Dreamer ----------------- Edmund C. Tarbell
Whistling Boy --------------- Frank Duveneck
Self Portrait --------------- William Merritt Chase
Spanish Courtyard ----------- John Singer Sargent
Oaks of the Monte ----------- Francis McComas
Blue Depths ----------------- William Ritschel
Floating Ice:  Early Morning — Charles Rosen
The Land of Heart’s Desire —­ William Wendt
The Housemaid --------------- William McGregor Paxton
My House in Winter ---------- Charles Morris Young
Quarry:  Evening ------------- Daniel Garber
Beyond ---------------------- Chester Beach
In the Studio --------------- Ellen Emmet Rand
Eucalypti, Berkeley Hills —–­ Eugen Neuhaus
Floor Plan, Palace of Fine Arts


The artistic appeals of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition through architecture and the allied decorative arts are so engrossing that one yields to the call of the independent Fine Arts only with considerable reluctance.  The visitor, however, finds himself cleverly tempted by numerous stray bits of detached sculpture, effectively placed amidst shrubbery near the Laguna, and almost without knowing he is drawn into that enchanting colonnade which leads one to the spacious portals of the Palace of Fine Arts.

It was a vast undertaking to gather such numbers of pictures together, but the reward was great — not only to have gratified one’s sense of beauty, but to have contributed toward a broader civilization, on the Pacific Coast specifically, and for the world in general besides.  It must be admitted that it was no small task, in the face of many very unusual adverse circumstances, to bring together here the art of the world.  Mr. John E. D. Trask deserves unstinted praise for the perseverance with which, under most trying circumstances, unusual enough to defeat almost any collective undertaking, he brought together this highly creditable collection of art.  Wartime conditions abroad and the great distance to the Pacific Coast, not to speak of difficulties of physical transportation, called for a singularly capable executive, such as John E. D. Trask has proved himself to be, and the world should gratefully acknowledge a big piece of work well done.  I do not believe the art exhibition needs any apologies.  Its general character is such as fully to satisfy the standards of former international expositions.

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