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gave power
        To stay such misery! 
    Come with me,—­nor with empty hand
        Ope thou the poor man’s door;
    Come with the produce of thy land,
        And thou shalt gather more.


    Ye cannot bind the spirit down;
        It is a thing as free
    As the albatross-bird that wings
        Its wild course o’er the sea. 
    Go, bind the lightning, guide the sun,
        Chain comets, if you can;
    But seek not with thy puny strength
        To bind the soul of man. 
    Though all the powers of earth combine,
        And all their strength enroll,
    To bind man’s body as they will,
        They cannot bind his soul. 
    No power on earth can hold it down,
        Or bid it hither stay,
    As up to heaven with rapid course
        It tireless wings its way. 
    Time is too limited for it,
        And earth is not its clime;
    It cannot live where sound the words,
        “There is an end to time.” 
    It seeks an endless, boundless sphere,
        In which to freely roam;
    Eternity its course of life,
        Infinity its home. 
    There, there will it forever live;
        And there, a spirit free,
    ’T will range, though earth may pass away,
        And Time no longer be.


    O!  How many souls are sorrowing
        In this sunlit world, to-day,
    Because Wrong, heaven’s livery borrowing,
        Leadeth trusting souls astray;
    Because men, all thoughtless rushing,
        Dance along on Error’s brink,
    And, the voice of conscience hushing,
        Will not for a moment think! 
    ’T is the lack of thought that bringeth
        Man to where he needs relief;
    ’T is the lack of thought that wringeth
        All his inner self with grief. 
    Would he give a moment’s thinking
        Ere his every step is made,
    He would not from light be shrinking,
        Groping on in Error’s shade! 
    Think, immortal! thou art treading
        On a path laid thick with snares,
    Where mischievous minds are spreading
        Nets to catch thee unawares. 
    Pause and think! the next step taken
        May be that which leads to death;
    Rouse thee! let thy spirit waken;
        List to, heed the word it saith! 
    Think, ere thou consent to squander
        Aught of time in useless mirth;
    Think, ere thou consent to wander,
        Disregarding heaven-winged truth. 
    When the wine in beauty shineth,
        When the tempter bids thee drink,
    Ere to touch thy hand inclineth,
        Be thou cautious-pause and think! 
    Think, whatever act thou doest;
        Think, whatever word is spoke;
    Else the heart of friend the

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