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    No matter,—­gayly as a lark
        He sings that bright paths are before us. 
    So cheer thee up, my brightest, best! 
        For clear’s the sky, and fair’s the weather. 
    Since hand in hand we’ve past the test,
        Hence heart in heart we’ll love together.


    Trust thou in God! he’ll guide thee
        When arms of flesh shall fail;
    With every good provide thee,
        And make his grace prevail. 
       Where danger most is found,
      There he his power discloseth;
     And ’neath his arm,
     Free from all harm,
      The trusting soul reposeth. 
    Trust thou in God, though sorrow
        Thine earthly hopes destroy;
    To him belongs the morrow,
        And he will send thee joy. 
       When sorrows gather near,
      Then he’ll delight to bless thee! 
     When all is joy,
     Without alloy,
      Thine earthly friends caress thee. 
    Trust thou in God! he reigneth
        The Lord of lords on high;
    His justice he maintaineth
        In his unclouded sky. 
       To triumph Wrong may seem,
      The day, yet justice winneth,
     And from the earth
     Shall songs of mirth
      Rise, when its sway beginneth. 
    When friends grow faint and weary,
        When thorns are on thy way,
    When life to thee is dreary,
        When clouded is thy day,
       Then put thy trust in God,
      Hope on, and hoping ever;
     Give him thy heart,
     Nor seek to part
      The love which none can sever!


    There’s sorrow in thy heart to-day,
        There’s sadness on thy brow;
    For she, the loved, hath passed away,
        And thou art mourning now. 
    The eye that once did sparkle bright,
        The hand that pressed thine own,
    No more shall gladden on thy sight,—­
        Thy cherished one hath flown. 
    And thou didst love her well, ’t is true;
        Now thou canst love her more,
    Since she hath left this world, and you,
        On angel wings to soar
    Above the world, its ceaseless strife,
        Its turmoil and its care,
    To enter on eternal life,
        And reign in glory there. 
    O, let this thought now cheer thy soul,
        And bid thy tears depart;
    A few more days their course shall roll,
        Thou ’lt meet, no more to part. 
    No more upon thine ear shall fall,
        The saddening word “farewell”
    No more a parting hour, but all
        In perfect union dwell. 
    This world is not the home of man;
        Death palsies with its gloom,
    Marks out his life-course but a span,
        And points him to the tomb;
    But, thanks to Heaven, ’t

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