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    Sister, in thy spirit home,
        Knowest thou my path below? 
    Knowest thou the steps I roam,
        And the devious road I go? 
    Many years have past since I
        Bade thee here a sad farewell;
    Many past since thou didst die,
        Since I heard thy funeral knell. 
    Thou didst go when thou wast young;
        Scarcely hadst thou oped thine eyes
    To the world, and it had flung
        Its bright sunshine from the skies,
    Ere thy Maker called for thee,
        Thou obeyed his high behest;
    Then I mourned, yet knew thou ’dst be
        Throned on high among the blest. 
    Gently thou didst fold thy wing,
        Gently thou didst sink in sleep;
    Birds their evening songs did sing,
        And the evening shades did creep
    Through the casement, one by one,
        Telling of departing day;
    Then, thou and the glorious sun
        Didst together pass away. 
    Yet that sun hath rose since then,
        And hath brought a joy to me;
    Emblem ’t is time will be when
        Once again I shall see thee,—­
    See thee in immortal bloom,
        Numbered with the ransomed throng,
    Where no sorrow sheds its gloom
        O’er the heart, or chills the song. 
    Spirit sister, throned on high,
        Now methinks I hear thee speak
    From thy home within the sky,
        In its accents low and meek. 
    Thou art saying, “Banish sadness;
        God is love,—­O, trust him over! 
    Heaven is filled with joy and gladness-
        It shall be thy home forever.” 
    This thou sayest, and thy voice,
        Like to none of earth I’ve heard,
    Bids my fainting soul rejoice;
        Follow God’s reveal‚d word,
    Follow that, ’t is faithful true;
        ’Mid the trackless maze of this,
    It will guide the pilgrim through
        To a world of endless bliss. 
    Sister, in thy spirit home,
        Thou dost know my path below,
    Thou dost know the steps I roam,
        And the road I fain would go. 
    If my steps would err from right,
        If I’d listen to the wrong,
    If I’d close my eyes to light,
        Mingle with earth’s careless throng: 
    Then wilt thou with power be nigh;
        Power which angel spirits wield,
    That temptation may pass by,
        Be thou near my soul to shield! 
    As I close this simple lay,
        As I over it do bow,
    Sister, thou art round my way,
        Thou art standing near me now.


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