Seven Wives and Seven Prisons; Or, Experiences in the Life of a Matrimonial Monomaniac. a True Story eBook

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In the northeastern part of the State of New York on the banks of a broad and beautiful river, spread out far and near the fertile acres of one of the finest farms in the country.  It is well stocked and well tilled.  The surrounding country is charming—­game in the woods, and fish in the streams afford abundant sport, and the region is far away from large cities, and remote even from railroads.  I do not know of a more delightful place in the whole world to live in.  On the farm I speak of, a cottage roof covers a peaceful, happy family, where content and comfort always seem to reign supreme.  A noble woman, a most worthy wife is mistress of that house; joyous children move and play among the trees that shade the lawns; and the head of the household, the father of the family, is the happiest of thee group.

That farm, that family, that cottage, that wife, that happy home are mine-all mine.  I have found a true wife and a real home at last.

My story is told; and if it should suggest to the reader the moral which is too obvious to need rehearsal, one object I had in telling the story will have been accomplished.

The end.  The Project Gutenberg Etext of Seven Wives and Seven Prisons by L.A.  Abbott

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