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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 129 pages of information about Seven Wives and Seven Prisons; Or, Experiences in the Life of a Matrimonial Monomaniac. a True Story.
and the whole matter came up in this case.  The District Attorney had sent everywhere, as far even as Illinois, for witness with regard to that marriage.  It seemed as if all Vermont was against me.  I have heard that with the cost of witnesses and other expenses, my trial cost the state more than five thousand dollars.  My three lawyers could not save me.  After a week’s trial the case went to the jury, and in four hours they returned a verdict of “guilty.”

My counsel instantly appealed the case to the Supreme Court, and, meanwhile I went back to jail where I remained three months more.  A few days after I returned to jail a friend of mine managed to furnish me with files and saws, and I went industriously to work at the gratings of my window to saw my way out.  I could work only at night, when the keepers were away, and I covered the traces of my cuttings by filling in with tallow.  In two months I had everything in readiness for my escape.  An hour’s more sawing at the bars would set me free.  But just at that time the Governor of the State, Fletcher, made a visit to the jail.  I told him all about my case.  He assured me, after hearing all the circumstances, that if I should be convicted and sentenced, he would surely pardon me in the course of six or eight weeks.  Trusting in this promise, I made no further effort to escape though I could have done so easily any night; but rather than run the risk of recapture, and a heavier sentence if I should be convicted, I awaited the chances of the court, and looked beyond for the clemency of the Governor.

Well, finally my case came up in the Supreme Court.  It only occupied a day, and the result was that I was sentenced for three years in the State prison.  I was remanded to jail, and five days from that time I was taken from Montpelier to Windsor.


Prison-life in Vermont.

Entering prison-the scythe snath business-blistered hands-I learn
nothing-Threat to kill the shop-keeper-locksmithing-open > rebellion-six weeks in the dungeon-escape of A prisoner-in the
dungeon again-the mad man, hall-he attempts to murder the deputy-I
save Morey’s life-howling in the black hole-taking off hall’s
irons-A ghastly spectacle-A prison funeral-I am let alone-better
treatment-the full term of my imprisonment.

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