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“Well, I declare, I thought I knew you, you’re the chap that tried to run away with old Scheimer’s daughter Sarah, last August; and you’re down here to get her this time, if you can.”

I owned up to my identity, but warned Boston Yankee that if he told any one who I was, or that I was about there, I’d blow his brains out.

“You keep cool,” said he, “don’t you be uneasy; I’m your friend and the gal’s friend, and I’ll help you both all I can; and if you want to carry off Sarah Scheimer and marry her, I’ll tell you how to work it.  You see she has been watched as closely as possible all winter, ever since she got well, for she was crazy-like, awhile.  Well, you could’nt get nearer to her, first off, than you could to the North Pole; but do you remember Mary Smith who was servant gal, there when you boarded with Scheimer?” I remembered the girl well and told him so, and he continued:  “Well, I saw her the other day, and she told me she was living in Easton, and where she could be found; now, I’ll give you full directions and do you take my horse and buggy to-morrow morning early and go down and see her, and get her to go over and let Sarah know that you’re round; meantime I’ll keep dark; I know my business and you know yours.”

I need not say how overjoyed I was to find this new and most unexpected friend, and how gratefully I accepted his offer.  He gave me the street, house and number where Mary Smith lived and during the evening we planned together exactly how the whole affair was to be managed, from beginning to end.  I went to bed, but could scarcely sleep; and all night long I was agitated by alternate hopes and fears for the success of the scheme of to-morrow.


Success with Sarah.

Mary Smith as A confederate-the plot-waiting in the woods-the spy outwitted-Sarah secured-the pursuers baffled-night on the road-efforts to get married-theOld offenderMarried at last-A constable after Sarah-he gives it up-an ale orgie-return toBoston Yankee’s"-A home in Goshen.

It was Saturday morning, and after an early breakfast I was on the road with Boston Yankee’s fast horse; towards Easton.  On my arrival there I had no difficulty in finding Mary Smith, who recognized me at once, and was very glad to see me.  She knew I had come there to learn something about Sarah; she had seen her only a week ago; she was well again, and the girls had talked together about me.  This was pleasant to hear, and I at once proposed to Mary to go to Scheimer’s and tell Sarah that I was there; I would give her ten dollars if she would go.  “O! she would gladly serve us both for nothing.”

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