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Whose impotence an easy pardon gains,
Watching its wanderings as a friend’s disease:  580
Thine is the brow whose mildness would defy
Its fiercest rage, and brave its sternest will,
When fenced by power and master of the world. 
Thou art sincere and good; of resolute mind,
Free from heart-withering custom’s cold control, 585
Of passion lofty, pure and unsubdued. 
Earth’s pride and meanness could not vanquish thee,
And therefore art thou worthy of the boon
Which thou hast now received:  virtue shall keep
Thy footsteps in the path that thou hast trod, 590
And many days of beaming hope shall bless
Thy spotless life of sweet and sacred love. 
Go, happy one, and give that bosom joy
  Whose sleepless spirit waits to catch
  Light, life and rapture from thy smile. 595

  The Daemon called its winged ministers. 
Speechless with bliss the Spirit mounts the car,
That rolled beside the crystal battlement,
Bending her beamy eyes in thankfulness. 
  The burning wheels inflame 600
The steep descent of Heaven’s untrodden way. 
  Fast and far the chariot flew: 
  The mighty globes that rolled
Around the gate of the Eternal Fane
Lessened by slow degrees, and soon appeared 605
Such tiny twinklers as the planet orbs
That ministering on the solar power
With borrowed light pursued their narrower way. 
  Earth floated then below: 
  The chariot paused a moment; 610
  The Spirit then descended: 
  And from the earth departing
  The shadows with swift wings
Speeded like thought upon the light of Heaven.

  The Body and the Soul united then, 615
A gentle start convulsed Ianthe’s frame: 
Her veiny eyelids quietly unclosed;
Moveless awhile the dark blue orbs remained: 
She looked around in wonder and beheld
Henry, who kneeled in silence by her couch, 620
Watching her sleep with looks of speechless love,
  And the bright beaming stars
  That through the casement shone.

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