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[Those Letters now first collected are marked N.]


1.  To Sir Horace Mann, March 4.-Proceedings in Parliament.  Formidable minority headed by the Prince.  Character’-of Lord Egmont.  Innovations in the Mutiny Bill.  New Navy Bill ;13

2.  To the same, March 23.-Debates on the Military Bills.  Jar at Leicester House.  King Theodore of Corsica.  The two black Princes of Anamaboe.  Spread of Methodism.  Stories of his brother Ned’s envy-16

3.  To the same, May 3.-Rejoicings for the peace.  Jubilee masquerade.  Fire-works.  English credulity.  Subscription masquerade.  Projected chastisement of Oxford.  Union between the Prince’s party and the Jacobites.  Disgrace of Maurepas.  Epigram on Lord Egmont’s opposition to the Mutiny Bill.  Bon-mot by Wall; and of Lady Townshend.  Increase of Methodism, drinking, and gambling.-19

4.  To the same, May 17.—­The Duke of Richmond’s fireworks in celebration of the peace.  Second jubilee masquerade.  Miss Chudleigh.  Lady Rochford.  Death of Miss Jenny Conway.  Publication of Lord Bolingbroke’s letters.  Anecdotes of Pope and Bolingbroke.-23

5.  To George Montagu, Esq.  May 18.-The Duke of Richmond’s fireworks.  The Violette and Garrick.  Story of the Duchess of Queensberry.  Mary Queen of Scots.  Dignity of human nature.  Anecdote of Fielding.  West’s Pindar.  Story of Charles Townshend .-27

6.  To Sir Horace Mann, June 4.-Stories of Pope, Bolingbroke, and Atterbury.-30

7.  To the same, June 25.-Cambridge installation.  Installation of six Knights of the Bath.  Garrick’s marriage to the Violette.  Lord Mountford’s cricket-matches.-32

8.  To George Montagu, Esq.  July 5.-Improvements at Mistley.  Visit to the Prince of Wales.  Anecdote of Lady Anson.  Epigram.- 35

9.  To the same, July 20.-Excursions.  Layer Marney.  Messing parsonage.  Death of the Duke of Montagu.  His will.-36

10.  To Sir Horace Mann, July 24.-Death of the Duke of Montagu.  Principles of the Methodists .-38

11.  To the same, Aug. 17.-Fire at Kensington Palace.-40

12.  To George Montagu, Esq.  Aug. 26.-Expedition to Arundel Castle.  Petworth.  Cowdry.-42

13.  To Sir Horace Mann, Sept. 12.-Madame de Mirepoix.  Madame S`evign`e’s Letters.-43

14.  To John Chute, Esq.  Sept. 22.—­45

15.  To George Montagu, Esq.  Sept. 28.-Church at Cheneys.  Tombs of the Bedfords.  Latimers.  Stoke church—­45

16.  To Sir Horace Mann, Oct. 27-Dodington first minister at Carlton House.  Lady Yarmouth.-46

17.  To the same, Nov. 17.-Robbery of Walpole in Hyde Park.  Riots at the new French theatre.-47


18.  To Sir Horace Mann, Jan. 10.-Montesquieu’s Esprit des Loix.  Hainault’s Abr`eg`e de L’Histoire de la France.  Westminster election.  Death of Lord Pembroke.  His character.  Death of lord Crawford.  Story of General Wade.  Sir John Barnard’s scheme for the reduction of interest.-48

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