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 Thank God for life:  life is not sweet always. 
 Hands may he heavy-laden, hearts care full,
 Unwelcome nights follow unwelcome days,
 And dreams divine end in awakenings dull. 
 Still it is life, anil life is cause for praise. 
 This ache, this restlessness, this quickening sting,
 Prove me no torpid and inanimate thing,
 Prove me of Him who is of life the Spring. 
 I am alive!—­and that is beautiful.

 Thank God for Love:  though Love may hurt and wound
 Though set with sharpest thorns its rose may be,
 Roses are not of winter, all attuned
 Must be the earth, full of soft stir, and free
 And warm ere dawns the rose upon its tree. 
 Fresh currents through my frozen pulses run;
 My heart has tasted summer, tasted sun,
 And I can thank Thee, Lord, although not one
 Of all the many roses blooms for me.

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