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237.  Qu.  Whether, as industry produced good living, the number of hands and mouths would not be increased; and in proportion thereunto, whether there would not be every day more occasion for agriculture?  And whether this article alone would not employ a world of people?

238.  Qu.  Whether such management would not equally provide for the magnificence of the rich, and the necessities of the poor?

239.  Qu.  Whether an expense in building and improvements doth not remain at home, pass to the heir, and adorn the public?  And whether any of those things can be said of claret?

240.  Qu.  Whether fools do not make fashions, and wise men follow them?

241.  Qu.  Whether, for one who hurts his fortune by improvements, twenty do not ruin themselves by foreign luxury?

242.  Qu.  Whether in proportion as Ireland was improved and beautified by fine seats, the number of absentees would not decrease?

243.  Qu.  Whether he who employs men in buildings and manufactures doth not put life in the country, and whether the neighbourhood round him be not observed to thrive?

244.  Qu.  Whether money circulated on the landlord’s own lands, and among his own tenants, doth not return into his own pocket?

245.  Qu.  Whether every squire that made his domain swarm with busy hands, like a bee-hive or ant-hill, would not serve his own interest, as well as that of his country?

246.  Qu.  Whether a gentleman who hath seen a little of the world, and observed how men live elsewhere, can contentedly sit down in a cold, damp, sordid habitation, in the midst of a bleak country, inhabited by thieves and beggars?

247.  Qu.  Whether, on the other hand, a handsome seat amidst well-improved lands, fair villages, and a thriving neighbourhood may not invite a man to dwell on his own estate, and quit the life of an insignificant saunterer about town for that of a useful country-gentleman?

248.  Qu.  Whether it would not be of use and ornament if the towns throughout this kingdom were provided with decent churches, townhouses, workhouses, market-places, and paved streets, with some order taken for cleanliness?

249.  Qu.  Whether, if each of these towns were addicted to some peculiar manufacture, we should not find that the employing many hands together on the same work was the way to perfect our workmen?  And whether all these things might not soon be provided by a domestic industry, if money were not wanting?

250.  Qu.  Whether money could ever be wanting to the demands of industry, if we had a national bank?

251.  Qu.  Whether when a motion was made once upon a time to establish a private bank in this kingdom by public authority, divers gentlemen did not shew themselves forward to embark in that design?

252.  Qu.  Whether it may not now be hoped, that our patriots will be as forward to examine and consider the proposal of a public bank calculated only for the public good?

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