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Whether there be any country in Christendom more capable of improvement than Ireland?

2.  Qu.  Whether we are not as far before other nations with respect to natural advantages, as we are behind them with respect to arts and industry?

3.  Qu.  Whether we do not live in a most fertile soil and temperate climate, and yet whether our people in general do not feel great want and misery?

4.  Qu.  Whether my countrymen are not readier at finding excuses than remedies?

5.  Qu.  Whether it can be reasonably hoped, that our state will mend, so long as property is insecure among us?

6.  Qu.  Whether in that case the wisest government, or the best laws can avail. us?

7.  Qu.  Whether a few mishaps to particular persons may not throw this nation into the utmost confusion?

8.  Qu.  Whether the public is not even on the brink of being undone by private accidents?

9.  Qu.  Whether the wealth and prosperity of our country do not hang by a hair, the probity of one banker, the caution of another, and the lives of all?

10.  Qu.  Whether we have not been sufficiently admonished of this by some late events?

11.  Qu.  Whether therefore it be not high time to open our eyes?

12.  Qu.  Whether a national bank would not at once secure our properties, put an end to usury, facilitate commerce, supply the want of coin, and produce ready payments in all parts of the kingdom?

13.  Qu.  Whether the use or nature of money, which all men so eagerly pursue, be yet sufficiently understood or considered by all?

14.  Qu.  Whether mankind are not governed by Citation rather than by reason?

15.  Qu.  Whether there be not a measure or limit, within which gold and silver are useful, and beyond which they may be hurtful?

16.  Qu.  Whether that measure be not the circulating of industry?

17.  Qu.  Whether a discovery of the richest gold mine that ever was, in the heart of this kingdom, would be a real advantage to us?

18.  Qu.  Whether it would not tempt foreigners to prey upon us?

19.  Qu.  Whether it would not render us a lazy, proud, and dastardly people?

20.  Qu.  Whether every man who had money enough would not be a gentleman?  And whether a nation of gentlemen would not be a wretched nation?

21.  Qu.  Whether all things would not bear a high price?  And whether men would not increase their fortunes without being the better for it?

22.  Qu.  Whether the same evils would be apprehended from paper-money under an honest and thrifty regulation?

23.  Qu.  Whether, therefore, a national bank would not be more beneficial than even a mine of gold?

24.  Qu.  Whether private ends are not prosecuted with more attention and vigour than the public?  And yet, whether all private ends are not included in the pubic?

25.  Qu.  Whether banking be not absolutely necessary to the pubic weal?

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