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292.  Qu.  Whether those of the Church of Rome, in converting the Moors of Spain or the Protestants of France, have not set us an example which might justify a similar treatment of themselves, if the laws of Christianity allowed thereof?

293.  Qu.  Whether compelling men to a profession of faith is not the worst thing in Popery, and, consequently, whether to copy after the Church of Rome therein, were not to become Papists ourselves in the worst sense?

294.  Qu.  Whether, nevertheless, we may not imitate the Church of Rome, in certain places, where Jews are tolerated, by obliging our Irish Papists, at stated times, to hear Protestant sermons? and whether this would not make missionaries in the Irish tongue useful?

295.  Qu.  Whether the mere act of hearing, without making any profession of faith, or joining in any part of worship, be a religious act; and, consequently, whether their being obliged to hear, may not consist with the toleration of Roman Catholics?

296.  Qu.  Whether, if penal laws should be thought oppressive, we may not at least be allowed to give premiums?  And whether it would be wrong, if the public encouraged Popish families to become hearers, by paying their hearth-money for them?

297.  Qu.  Whether in granting toleration, we ought not to distinguish between doctrines purely religious, and such as affect the State?

298.  Qu.  Whether the case be not very different in regard to a man who only eats fish on Fridays, says his prayers in Latin, or believes transubstantiation, and one who professeth in temporals a subjection to foreign powers, who holdeth himself absolved from all obedience to his natural prince and the laws of his country? who is even persuaded, it may be meritorious to destroy the powers that are?

299.  Qu.  Whether, therefore, a distinction should not be made between mere Papists and recusants?  And whether the latter can expect the same protection from the Government as the former?

300.  Qu.  Whether our Papists in this kingdom can complain, if they are allowed to be as much Papists as the subjects of France or of the Empire?

301.  Qu.  Whether there is any such thing as a body of inhabitants, in any Roman Catholic country under the sun, that profess an absolute submission to the pope’s orders in matters of an indifferent nature, or that in such points do not think it their duty to obey the civil government?

302.  Qu.  Whether since the peace of Utrecht, mass was not celebrated and the sacraments administered in divers dioceses of Sicily, notwithstanding the Pope’s interdict?

303.  Qu.  Whether every plea of conscience is to be regarded?  Whether, for instance, the German Anabaptists, Levellers, or Fifth Monarchy men would be tolerated on that pretence?

304.  Qu.  Whether Popish children bred in charity schools, when bound out in apprenticeship to Protestant masters, do generally continue Protestants?

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