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“1.  He would never allow a sentence or a picture in his paper that could be called bad or coarse or impure in any way.

“2.  He would probably conduct the political part of the paper from the standpoint of non-partisan patriotism, always looking upon all political questions in the light of their relation to the Kingdom of God, and advocating measures from the standpoint of their relation to the welfare of the people, always on the basis of ’What is right?’ never on the basis of ’What is for the best interests of this or that party?’ In other words, He would treat all political questions as he would treat every other subject, from the standpoint of the advancement of the Kingdom of God on earth.”

Edward Norman looked up from the reading a moment.  “You understand that is my opinion of Jesus’ probable action on political matters in a daily paper.  I am not passing judgment on other newspaper men who may have a different conception of Jesus’ probable action from mine.  I am simply trying to answer honestly, ’What would Jesus do as Edward Norman?’ And the answer I find is what I have put down.’

“3.  The end and aim of a daily paper conducted by Jesus would be to do the will of God.  That is, His main purpose in carrying on a newspaper would not be to make money, or gain political influence; but His first and ruling purpose would be to so conduct his paper that it would be evident to all his subscribers that He was trying to seek first the Kingdom of God by means of His paper.  This purpose would be as distinct and unquestioned as the purpose of a minister or a missionary or any unselfish martyr in Christian work anywhere.

“4.  All questionable advertisements would be impossible.

“5.  The relations of Jesus to the employees on the paper would be of the most loving character.”

“So far as I have gone,” said Norman again looking up, “I am of opinion that Jesus would employ practically some form of co-operation that would represent the idea of a mutual interest in a business where all were to move together for the same great end.  I am working out such a plan, and I am confident it will be successful.  At any rate, once introduce the element of personal love into a business like this, take out the selfish principle of doing it for personal profits to a man or company, and I do not see any way except the most loving personal interest between editors, reporters, pressmen, and all who contribute anything to the life of the paper.  And that interest would be expressed not only in the personal love and sympathy but in a sharing with the profits of the business.”

“6.  As editor of a daily paper today, Jesus would give large space to the work of the Christian world.  He would devote a page possibly to the facts of Reform, of sociological problems, of institutional church work and similar movements.

“7.  He would do all in His power in His paper to fight the saloon as an enemy of the human race and an unnecessary part of our civilization.  He would do this regardless of public sentiment in the matter and, of course, always regardless of its effect upon His subscription list.”

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