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Hark!  What was she singing?  How did Rachel Winslow happen to be down here?  Several windows near by went up.  Some men quarreling near a saloon stopped and listened.  Other figures were walking rapidly in the direction of the Rectangle and the tent.  Surely Rachel Winslow had never sung like that in the First Church.  It was a marvelous voice.  What was it she was singing?  Again Alexander Powers, Superintendent of the machine shops, paused and listened,

    “Where He leads me I will follow,
     Where He leads me I will follow,
     Where He leads me I will follow,
     I’ll go with Him, with Him. 
     All the way!”

The brutal, coarse, impure life of the Rectangle stirred itself into new life as the song, as pure as the surroundings were vile, floated out and into saloon and den and foul lodging.  Some one stumbled hastily by Alexander Powers and said in answer to a question:  “De tent’s beginning to run over tonight.  That’s what the talent calls music, eh?”

Chapter Eight

“If any man would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.”

Henry Maxwell paced his study back and forth.  It was Wednesday and he had started to think out the subject of his evening service which fell upon that night.  Out of one of his study windows he could see the tall chimney of the railroad shops.  The top of the evangelist’s tent just showed over the buildings around the Rectangle.  He looked out of his window every time he turned in his walk.  After a while he sat down at his desk and drew a large piece of paper toward him.  After thinking several moments he wrote in large letters the following: 


Live in a simple, plain manner, without needless luxury on the one hand or undue asceticism on the other.  Preach fearlessly to the hypocrites in the church, no matter what their social importance or wealth.  Show in some practical form His sympathy and love for the common people as well as for the well-to-do, educated, refined people who make up the majority of the parish.  Identify Himself with the great causes of humanity in some personal way that would call for self-denial and suffering.  Preach against the saloon in Raymond.  Become known as a friend and companion of the sinful people in the Rectangle.  Give up the summer trip to Europe this year. (I have been abroad twice and cannot claim any special need of rest.  I am well, and could forego this pleasure, using the money for some one who needs a vacation more than I do.  There are probably plenty of such people in the city.)

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