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Then Rachel Winslow rose to sing, this time after the sermon, by Mr. Maxwell’s request.  Rachel’s singing did not provoke applause this time.  What deeper feeling carried the people’s hearts into a reverent silence and tenderness of thought?  Rachel was beautiful.  But her consciousness of her remarkable loveliness had always marred her singing with those who had the deepest spiritual feeling.  It had also marred her rendering of certain kinds of music with herself.  Today this was all gone.  There was no lack of power in her grand voice.  But there was an actual added element of humility and purity which the audience distinctly felt and bowed to.

Before service closed Mr. Maxwell asked those who had remained the week before to stay again for a few moments of consultation, and any others who were willing to make the pledge taken at that time.  When he was at liberty he went into the lecture-room.  To his astonishment it was almost filled.  This time a large proportion of young people had come, but among them were a few business men and officers of the church.

As before, he, Maxwell, asked them to pray with him.  And, as before, a distinct answer came from the presence of the divine Spirit.  There was no doubt in the minds of any present that what they purposed to do was so clearly in line with the divine will, that a blessing rested upon it in a very special manner.

They remained some time to ask questions and consult together.  There was a feeling of fellowship such as they had never known in their church membership.  Mr. Norman’s action was well understood by them all, and he answered several questions.

“What will be the probable result of your discontinuance of the Sunday paper?” asked Alexander Powers, who sat next to him.

“I don’t know yet.  I presume it will result in the falling off of subscriptions and advertisements.  I anticipate that.”

“Do you have any doubts about your action.  I mean, do you regret it, or fear it is not what Jesus would do?” asked Mr. Maxwell.

“Not in the least.  But I would like to ask, for my own satisfaction, if any of you here think Jesus would issue a Sunday morning paper?”

No one spoke for a minute.  Then Jasper Chase said, “We seem to think alike on that, but I have been puzzled several times during the week to know just what He would do.  It is not always an easy question to answer.”

“I find that trouble,” said Virginia Page.  She sat by Rachel Winslow.  Every one who knew Virginia Page was wondering how she would succeed in keeping her promise.  “I think perhaps I find it specially difficult to answer that question on account of my money.  Our Lord never owned any property, and there is nothing in His example to guide me in the use of mine.  I am studying and praying.  I think I see clearly a part of what He would do, but not all.  What would He do with a million dollars? is my question really.  I confess I am not yet able to answer it to my satisfaction.

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