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After telling briefly of some results in his own church in Raymond since the pledge was taken, he went on to ask the question he had been asking since the Settlement meeting.  He had taken for his theme the story of the young man who came to Jesus asking what he must do to obtain eternal life.  Jesus had tested him.  “Sell all that thou hast and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven; and come follow me.”  But the young man was not willing to suffer to that extent.  If following Jesus meant suffering in that way, he was not willing.  He would like to follow Jesus, but not if he had to give so much.

“Is it true,” continued Henry Maxwell, and his fine, thoughtful face glowed with a passion of appeal that stirred the people as they had seldom been stirred, “is it true that the church of today, the church that is called after Christ’s own name, would refuse to follow Him at the expense of suffering, of physical loss, of temporary gain?  The statement was made at a large gathering in the Settlement last week by a leader of workingmen that it was hopeless to look to the church for any reform or redemption of society.  On what was that statement based?  Plainly on the assumption that the church contains for the most part men and women who think more ’of their own ease and luxury’ than of the sufferings and needs and sins of humanity.  How far is that true?  Are the Christians of America ready to have their discipleship tested?  How about the men who possess large wealth?  Are they ready to take that wealth and use it as Jesus would?  How about the men and women of great talent?  Are they ready to consecrate that talent to humanity as Jesus undoubtedly would do?

“Is it not true that the call has come in this age for a new exhibition of Christian discipleship?  You who live in this great sinful city must know that better than I do.  Is it possible you can go your ways careless or thoughtless of the awful condition of men and women and children who are dying, body and soul, for need of Christian help?  Is it not a matter of concern to you personally that the saloon kills its thousands more surely than war?  Is it not a matter of personal suffering in some form for you that thousands of able-bodied, willing men tramp the streets of this city and all cities, crying for work and drifting into crime and suicide because they cannot find it?  Can you say that this is none of your business?  Let each man look after himself?  Would it not be true, think you, that if every Christian in America did as Jesus would do, society itself, the business world, yes, the very political system under which our commercial and governmental activity is carried on, would be so changed that human suffering would be reduced to a minimum?

“What would be the result if all the church members of this city tried to do as Jesus would do?  It is not possible to say in detail what the effect would be.  But it is easy to say, and it is true, that instantly the human problem would begin to find an adequate answer.

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