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Francis Lascelles Jardine
This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 161 pages of information about Narrative of the Overland Expedition of the Messrs. Jardine from Rockhampton to Cape York, Northern Queensland.

5.  One well-marked case of scurvy became developed at the end of January; and a few of several cases of cutaneous eruption under treatment at the time closely resembled the symptoms characteristic of that disease. the only anti-scorbutic dietary available, viz.,—­preserved meats and potatoes, compressed vegetables and lemon juice, was issued at once, and continued on the salt-meat days for three weeks, when all the indications of scurvy having disappeared, the usual dietary was resumed.  Since then the entire adult community have enjoyed very good health.

I am, etc.,

T. J. Haran, Surgeon, R.N.

His Excellency, Governor Sir G.F.  Bowen, G.C.M.G.


Spelling errors and typos listed below are as shown in the paper text and have been copied into the electronic text.


The footnote in the introduction does not have a referent in the text—­ there is no asterisk in the text.  It is not clear whether the ‘settlement’ it refers to as having been abandoned is at Adam Bay or in Western Australia.

P ix—­’loosing’ instead of ‘losing’
P xi—­re-placed


There are several words in this chapter which do not conform to today’s spelling, but which appear in the paper text as copied:  p 1—­faciliate p 3—­agreable p 5—­speers p 5—­Gaala Creek—­(should be Galaa Creek) p 5—­discription p 7—­amunition


P 9—­amunition
P 9—­earthern
P 9—­cheifly
P 10—­stoney
P 10—­occuring
P 11—­villanous
P 11—­vestage
P 16—­potatoe
P 16—­oppossum
P 17—­apparantly
P 18—­despatch
P 18—­amunition
p 19—­muscles—­probably should be ‘mussels’
p 19—­(about 18 miles....—­no closing bracket
p 23—­a cawbawn saucy—­should probably be ’as cawbawn....
p 23—­agressors
p 24—­succeded
p 24—­’where’ instead of ‘were’
p 24—­’frighened’ instead of ‘frightened’
p 26—­emeu
p 27—­double and single quotes on “Ferguson,’ don’t match
p 27—­’spenifex’ instead of ‘spinifex’

Chapter 3
P 30—­too (too days)
P 30—­dilirious
P 32—­carcase
p 32—­indispensible
P 32—­chissel
P 33—­’these’ should probably be ‘they’
p 33—­pigmy
P 34—­agreably
P 34—­a-head
P 35—­degnified
P 36—­’course’ instead of ‘coarse’
P 37—­steadilly
P 37—­abondoned
p 37—­wirey
P 38—­cheifly
p 38—­seives
P 38—­permenantly
p 39—­occuring
P 40 —­frightended
P 40—­bythe (all one word)
P 40—­gratuitious


P 42—­they (no capital on beginning of sentence) P 43—­horses (no possessive apostrophe) P 43—­varities P 44—­varities p 44—­gulley p 46—­sheild p 48—­agressor p 49—­peices p 50—­bitcher plant—­(instead of pitcher plant?) p 50—­pelluced --------------------------------------------

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