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He wandered uneasily to and fro, no one taking any particular notice of him.  And he realized that there was a whole vast country spreading, a sort of underworld country, spreading away beyond him.  He wandered from vast apartment to apartment, down narrow corridors like the roads in a mine.  In one of the great square rooms, the men were going to eat.  And it seemed to him that what they were going to eat was a man, naked man.  But his second self knew that what appeared to his eyes as a man was really a man’s skin stuffed tight with prepared meat, as the skin of a Bologna sausage.  This did not prevent his seeing the naked man who was to be eaten walk slowly and stiffly across the gangway and down the corridor.  He saw him from behind.  It was a big handsome man in the prime of life, quite naked and perhaps stupid.  But of course he was only a skin stuffed with meat, whom the grey tin-miners were going to eat.

Aaron, the dream-Aaron, turned another way, and strayed along the vast square rooms, cavern apartments.  He came into one room where there were many children, all in white gowns.  And they were all busily putting themselves to bed, in the many beds scattered about the room at haphazard.  And each child went to bed with a wreath of flowers on its head, white flowers and pink, so it seemed.  So there they all lay, in their flower-crowns in the vast space of the rooms.  And Aaron went away.

He could not remember the following part.  Only he seemed to have passed through many grey domestic apartments, where were all women, all greyish in their clothes and appearance, being wives of the underground tin-miners.  The men were away and the dream-Aaron remembered with fear the food they were to eat.

The next thing he could recall was, that he was in a boat.  And now he was most definitely two people.  His invisible, conscious self, what we have called his second self, hovered as it were before the prow of the boat, seeing and knowing, but unseen.  His other self, the palpable Aaron, sat as a passenger in the boat, which was being rowed by the unknown people of this underworld.  They stood up as they thrust the boat along.  Other passengers were in the boat too, women as well, but all of them unknown people, and not noticeable.

The boat was upon a great lake in the underworld country, a lake of dark blue water, but crystal clear and very beautiful in colour.  The second or invisible Aaron sat in the prow and watched the fishes swimming suspended in the clear, beautiful dark-blue water.  Some were pale fish, some frightening-looking, like centipedes swimming, and some were dark fish, of definite form, and delightful to watch.

The palpable or visible Aaron sat at the side of the boat, on the end of the middle seat, with his naked right elbow leaning out over the side.  And now the boat entered upon shallows.  The impalpable Aaron in the bows saw the whitish clay of the bottom swirl up in clouds at each thrust of the oars, whitish-clayey clouds which would envelope the strange fishes in a sudden mist.  And on the right hand of the course stakes stood up in the water, at intervals, to mark the course.

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