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He kissed his hand to her, and turned back to his troop.  The carriage was soon under the shadows of the mountains.


Episodes of the revolt and the war
the deeds of Barto Rizzo—­the meeting at Roveredo

At Schio there was no medical attendance to be obtained for Count Karl, and he begged so piteously to be taken on to Roveredo, that, on his promising to give Leone Rufo a pass, Vittoria decided to work her way round to Brescia by the Alpine route.  She supposed Pericles to have gone off among the Tyrolese, and wished in her heart that Wilfrid had gone likewise, for he continued to wear that look of sad stupefaction which was the harshest reproach to her.  Leone was unconquerably gay in spite of his wounds.  He narrated the doings of the volunteers, with proud eulogies of Carlo Ammiani’s gallant leadership; but the devices of Barto Rizzo appeared to have struck his imagination most.  “He is positively a cat—­a great cat,” Leone said.  “He can run a day; he can fast a week; he can climb a house; he can drop from a crag; and he never lets go his hold.  If he says a thing to his wife, she goes true as a bullet to the mark.  The two make a complete piece of artillery.  We are all for Barto, though our captain Carlo is often enraged with him.  But there’s no getting on without him.  We have found that.”

Rinaldo and Angelo Guidascarpi and Barto Rizzo had done many daring feats.  They had first, heading about a couple of dozen out of a force of sixty, endeavoured to surprise the fortress Rocca d’Anfo in Lake Idro—­an insane enterprise that touched on success, and would have been an achievement had all the men who followed them been made of the same desperate stuff.  Beaten off, they escaped up the Val di Ledro, and secretly entered Trent, where they hoped to spread revolt, but the Austrian commandant knew what a quantity of dry wood was in the city, and stamped his heel on sparks.  A revolt was prepared notwithstanding the proclamation of imprisonment and death.  Barto undertook to lead a troop against the Buon Consiglio barracks, while Angelo and Rinaldo cleared the ramparts.  It chanced, whether from treachery or extra-vigilance was unknown, that the troops paid domiciliary visits an hour before the intended outbreak, and the three were left to accomplish their task alone.  They remained in the city several days, hunted from house to house, and finally they were brought to bay at night on the roof of a palace where the Lenkenstein ladies were residing.  Barto took his dagger between his teeth and dropped to the balcony of Lena’s chamber.  The brothers soon after found the rooftrap opened to them, and Lena and Anna conducted them to the postern-door.  There Angelo asked whom they had to thank.  The terrified ladies gave their name; upon hearing which,

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