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Looking on the fine head and face, Lady Racial saw nothing of this.  She had not looked long before she found covert employment for her handkerchief.  The widow standing beside her did not weep, or reply to her whispered excuses at emotion; gazing down on his mortal length with a sort of benignant friendliness; aloof, as one whose duties to that form of flesh were well-nigh done.  At the feet of his master, Jacko, the monkey, had jumped up, and was there squatted, with his legs crossed, very like a tailor!  The imitative wretch had got a towel, and as often as Lady Racial’s handkerchief travelled to her eyes, Jacko’s peery face was hidden, and you saw his lithe skinny body doing grief’s convulsions till, tired of this amusement, he obtained possession of the warrior’s helmet, from a small round table on one side of the bed; a calque of the barbarous military-Georgian form, with a huge knob of horse-hair projecting over the peak; and under this, trying to adapt it to his rogue’s head, the tricksy image of Death extinguished himself.

All was very silent in the room.  Then the widow quietly disengaged Jacko, and taking him up, went to the door, and deposited him outside.  During her momentary absence, Lady Racial had time to touch the dead man’s forehead with her lips, unseen.



Three daughters and a son were left to the world by Mr. Melchisedec.  Love, well endowed, had already claimed to provide for the daughters:  first in the shape of a lean Marine subaltern, whose days of obscuration had now passed, and who had come to be a major of that corps:  secondly, presenting his addresses as a brewer of distinction:  thirdly, and for a climax, as a Portuguese Count:  no other than the Senor Silva Diaz, Conde de Saldar:  and this match did seem a far more resplendent one than that of the two elder sisters with Major Strike and Mr. Andrew Cogglesby.  But the rays of neither fell visibly on Lymport.  These escaped Eurydices never reappeared, after being once fairly caught away from the gloomy realms of Dis, otherwise Trade.  All three persons of singular beauty, a certain refinement, some Port, and some Presence, hereditarily combined, they feared the clutch of that fell king, and performed the widest possible circles around him.  Not one of them ever approached the house of her parents.  They were dutiful and loving children, and wrote frequently; but of course they had to consider their new position, and their husbands, and their husbands’ families, and the world, and what it would say, if to it the dreaded rumour should penetrate!  Lymport gossips, as numerous as in other parts, declared that the foreign nobleman would rave in an extraordinary manner, and do things after the outlandish fashion of his country:  for from him, there was no doubt, the shop had been most successfully veiled, and he knew not of Pluto’s close relationship to his lovely spouse.

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