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They came upon a clearing in the wood where a tournament of knights might have been held.  Ranged on two sides were rows of larches, and forward, fit to plume a dais, a clump of tall firs stood with a flowing silver fir to right and left, and the white stems of the birch-tree shining from among them.  This fair woodland court had three broad oaks, as for gateways; and the moon was above it.  Moss and the frosted brown fern were its flooring.

Emilia said eagerly, “This way,” and ran under one of the oaks.  She turned to Tracy following:  “There is no doubt of it.”  Her hand was lying softly on her throat.

“Your voice?” Tracy divined her.

She nodded, but frowned lovingly at the shout he raised, and he understood that there was haply some plot to be worked out.  The open space was quite luminous in the middle of those three deep walls of shadow.  Emilia enjoined him to rest where he was, and wait for her on that spot like a faithful sentinel, whatsoever ensued.  Coaxing his promise, she entered the square of white light alone.  Presently she stood upon a low mound, so that her whole figure was distinct, while the moon made her features visible.

Expectancy sharpened the stillness to Tracy’s ears.  A nightingale began the charm.  He was answered by another.  Many were soon in song, till even the pauses were sweet with them.  Tracy had the thought that they were calling for Emilia to commence; that it was nature preluding the divine human voice, weaving her spell for it.  He was seized by a thirst to hear the adorable girl, who stood there patiently, with her face lifted soft in moonlight.  And then the blood thrilled along his veins, as if one more than mortal had touched him.  It seemed to him long before he knew that Emilia’s voice was in the air.

In such a place, at such a time, there is no wizardry like a woman’s voice.  Emilia had gained in force and fulness.  She sang with a stately fervour, letting the notes flow from her breast, while both her arms hung loose, and not a gesture escaped her.  Tracy’s fiery imagination set him throbbing, as to the voice of the verified spirit of the place.  He heard nothing but Emilia, and scarce felt that it was she, or that tears were on his eyelids, till her voice sank richly, deep into the bosom of the woods.  Then the stillness, like one folding up a precious jewel, seemed to pant audibly.

“She’s not alone!” This was human speech at his elbow, uttered in some stupefied amazement.  In an extremity of wrath, Tracy turned about to curse the intruder, and discerned Wilfrid, eagerly bent forward on the other side of the oak by which he leaned.  Advancing toward Emilia, two figures were seen.  Mr. Pericles in his bearskin was easily to be distinguished.  His companion was Laura Tinley.  The Greek moved at rapid strides, and coming near upon Emilia, raised his hands as in exclamation.  At once he disencumbered his shoulders of the enormous wrapper, held it aloft imperiously, and by main force extinguished Emilia.  Laura’s shrill laugh resounded.

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