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Seven horny little men chased
Lene Levi for her body,
Thinking about what it costs. 
Seven men, otherwise very respectable,
Forgot their children and art,
Science and factory. 
And they ran as though possessed
After Lene Levi. 
Lene Levi stopped
On a bridge, catching her breath,
And she lifted her blurred blue
Drunken glances in the wide
Sweet darkness above
The street lamps and the houses. 
Seven randy little men though
Caught Lene’s eye.

Seven randy little men tried
To touch Lene Levi’s heart. 
Lene remained unapproachable. 
Suddenly she jumped up on the railing,
Turns up her nose at the world for the last time,
Joyfully jumps into the river. 
Seven pale little men ran,
As quickly as they could, out of the place.

A Poor Man Sings

Those were fine times, when I still
Walked in silk socks and wore underpants,
Sometimes had ten marks to spare, in order
To hire a woman, bored in the day
Night after night I sat in the coffeehouse. 
Often I was so sated that I
Did not know what to order for myself.


A fat young man plays with a pond. 
The wind has caught itself in a tree. 
The pale sky seems to be rumpled,
As though it had run out of makeup. 
On long crutches, bent nearly in half
And chatting, two cripples creep across the field. 
A blond poet perhaps goes mad. 
A little horse stumbles over a lady. 
A fat man is stuck to a window. 
A boy wants to visit a soft woman. 
A gray clown puts on his boots. 
A baby carriage shrieks and dogs curse.

The Night

Sleepy policemen waddle under streetlights. 
Broken beggars grumble when they sense people. 
On some corners powerful streetcars stutter. 
And plush cabs drop into the stars. 
Among rough houses whores hobble back and forth,
Sadly swinging their ripe behinds. 
Much sky lies broken in these dried-out things... 
Whiny cats painfully shriek bright songs.

The Cabaret in the Suburbs

The sweaty heads of waiters tower above the room
Like lofty and powerful capitals. 
Lice-ridden boys giggle nastily. 
And shining girls give painfully beautiful looks. 
And distant women are so very excited... 
They have hundreds of red, round hands,
Still, large, without end
Placed around their high, motley bellies. 
Most people are drinking yellow beer. 
Grocers, their cigarettes burning, gape. 
A fine young woman sings vulgar songs. 
A young Jew plays the piano with great pleasure.

The Trip to the Mental Hospital

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