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    “All the beauty of the world”

let us remember that what we see is only a type of the grandeur and glory and splendor He will put in our spirit-nature if we but permit Him to sanctify us and cast out the storms and tempests.

The pain of sympathy.

While we may possess and enjoy “the second rest” here and now, we need not forget that another is promised to us.  We get weary physically sometimes here.  The days frequently seem long and trying.  There are hours and hours of labor, and nights and nights of toil, but, thank God! we can say at each sunset, “I am one day nearer rest.”  For while a sanctified man is always at rest spiritually, he can not rest physically to much satisfaction.  In his dreams he can see the white, drawn faces of the doomed, and hear the wild uncouth shriek of the tormented.  He remembers with horror that one hundred thousand souls are rolled off into Eternity while the earth makes one revolution!  He thinks of cheerless homes, and torn and bleeding hearts, and wives waiting for the sound of unsteady steps, and children friendless and hungry, and figures leaping from bridges, and shaking hands holding poison, and maniacs behind the bars glaring with wild eye-balls through dishevelled hair!  And he leaps from the couch with the cry, “O the pity of it all!” And he can not be still, he can not be idle, but is constrained to do his utmost by word and pen to save a sinking, gurgling, drowning humanity.

When it is all over.

But one day it will all be over.  Soon we shall all have preached our last sermon and prayed our last prayer and spoken our last word.  Our lives will soon have passed into history.  That blessed hour will soon be here in which we shall “lay down the silver trumpet of ministry and take up the golden harp of praise.”  Hallelujah, it is coming! it is coming!  Praise the Lord!




The precious grace of entire sanctification brings to the heart a prayerful spirit.  Prayer becomes the normal occupation of the soul.  One is surprised to discover that while it was formerly difficult, if not irksome, to pray at times, now one prays because it is delightful and easy.

De Renty.

Many of us have been surprised to read in the biographies of pious men and women that they frequently spent hours in prayer.  But the sanctified man understands all that now.  He can readily believe that De Renty heard not the voice of his servant, so intent was he gazing into the Father’s face.  He does not doubt that Whitefield in his college room was “prostrate upon the floor many days, praying for the baptism with the Holy Ghost.”

J.W.  Redfield.

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