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Christian oneness.

There is a unity, however, and to it Christ referred, which does not consist in uniformity of creed but in oneness of heart.  When we are truly sanctified the non-baptizing Quaker, and the trine immersionist, and the High Church Episcopalian, and the foot-washing Tunker, and the Methodist, and the Baptist, and the Congregationalist all unite in one far-reaching melodious chorus,

    “Holiness unto the Lord!”

Distinctions obliterated.

Sanctification destroys sticklerism for non-essentials and the lust for fine distinctions in dogmatics.  It slays the doctrinaire and makes a red-hot revivalist out of him.  The purified soul takes the Bible for his “credo” and loves God’s children of whatever name with a generosity that overtops every inadequate consideration.  The sanctified are united by a common cause and a common experience.  Opinions may differ as to ecclesiastical polity or the mode of baptism, but the white cord of sanctification is “the bond of perfectness” which makes them one bundle.  Yale and Cornell are rivals with their “eights” and “shells” on American Hudson, but men from both colleges join forces to beat the Britishers at Henley.  Holiness people of every church unite to “push holiness.”

The spokes and the Hub.

When the glorious grace of full salvation is experienced, love for Christ is increased and intensified.  Everyone wants to magnify Him and live close to Him:  and as we get close to Him, the Hub, the distance between us, the spokes, is lessened.

The D.D.  And the negro.

A D.D. and a negro meet on a Mississippi River boat.  They fall into conversation.  The doctor speaks of the Lord.  The negro’s eyes fill and he says, “You know my Savior?” and they shake hands and weep and shout.  Why this community of feeling between men of such diverse stations in life?  Both possess the blessing of entire sanctification.


The writer has had the privilege of preaching in churches of different denominations in the work of special evangelism, but never has he known the falling of Pentecostal fire to fail to burn up sectarianism.  It is no easy matter to find out from the preaching of our holiness preachers under what denominational flag they sail.  Full salvation obliterates the fences which separate the people of God and makes them really “one in Christ Jesus.”




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