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nags hogs BELLHORSES Gadarene swine corny in coffin steel Shark stone
onehandled Nelson two trickies FRAUENZIMMER PLUMSTAINED from pram filling
bawling gum he’s A champion.  FUSEBLUE peer from barrel revEvensong love
on hackney jaunt blazes blind CODDOUBLED bicyclers Dilly with SNOWCAKE no
fancy clothesThen in last Switchback lumbering up and down bump mashtub
sort of viceroy and Reine relish for TUBLUMBER BUMPSHIRE roseBaraabum!)

(The couples fall asideStephen whirls giddilyRoom whirls backEyes
closed he tottersRed rails fly SPACEWARDS.  Stars all around suns turn
roundaboutBright midges dance on wallsHe stops dead.)

Stephen:  Ho!

(Stephen’s mother, emaciated, rises stark through the floor, in leper
grey with A wreath of faded orangeblossoms and A torn bridal veil, her
face worn and NOSELESS, green with GRAVEMOULD.  Her hair is scant and
lankShe fixes her bluecircled hollow EYESOCKETS on Stephen and opens
her toothless mouth uttering A silent word.  A choir of virgins and
confessors sing voicelessly.)

The choir

    Liliata rutilantium te confessorum ... 
    Iubilantium te virginum ...

(From the top of A tower buck Mulligan, in particoloured JESTER’S dress
of puce and yellow and clown’s cap with curling bell, stands gaping at
her, A smoking buttered split scone in his hand.)

Buck Mulligan:  She’s beastly dead.  The pity of it!  Mulligan meets the afflicted mother. (He upturns his eyes) Mercurial Malachi!

The mother:  (With the subtle smile of death’s madness) I was once the beautiful May Goulding.  I am dead.

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