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MacKay begat Ostrolopsky and Ostrolopsky begat Smerdoz and Smerdoz begat Weiss and Weiss begat Schwarz and Schwarz begat Adrianopoli and Adrianopoli begat Aranjuez and Aranjuez begat Lewy Lawson and Lewy Lawson begat Ichabudonosor and Ichabudonosor begat O’Donnell Magnus and O’Donnell Magnus begat Christbaum and Christbaum begat ben Maimun and ben Maimun begat Dusty Rhodes and Dusty Rhodes begat Benamor and Benamor begat Jones-Smith and Jones-Smith begat Savorgnanovich and Savorgnanovich begat Jasperstone and Jasperstone begat Vingtetunieme and Vingtetunieme begat Szombathely and Szombathely begat Virag and Virag begat Bloom et VOCABITUR nomen EIUS Emmanuel.

A deadhand:  (Writes on the wall) Bloom is a cod.

Crab:  (In BUSHRANGER’S kit) What did you do in the cattlecreep behind

A female infant:  (Shakes A rattle) And under Ballybough bridge?

A hollybush:  And in the devil’s glen?

Bloom:  (Blushes furiously all over from frons to nates, three tears
filling from his left eye) Spare my past.

The irish evicted tenants:  (In BODYCOATS, KNEEBREECHES, with Donnybrook
fair SHILLELAGHS) Sjambok him!

(Bloom with assesears seats himself in the pillory with crossed arms,
his feet protrudingHe whistles Don Giovanni, a cenar teco.  Artane
orphans, joining hands, Caper round himGirls of the prison gate
mission, joining hands, Caper round in the opposite direction.)

The Artane orphans

    You hig, you hog, you dirty dog! 
    You think the ladies love you!


    If you see Kay
    Tell him he may
    See you in tea
    Tell him from me.

Hornblower:  (In ephod and HUNTINGCAP, announces) And he shall carry the sins of the people to Azazel, the spirit which is in the wilderness, and to Lilith, the nighthag.  And they shall stone him and defile him, yea, all from Agendath Netaim and from Mizraim, the land of Ham.

(All the people cast soft pantomime stones at bloomMany BONAFIDE
travellers and OWNERLESS dogs come near him and defile himMastiansky
and Citron approach in GABERDINES, wearing long EARLOCKS.  They wag their
beards at bloom.)

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