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Edy Boardman:  (Bickering) And says the one:  I seen you up Faithful place with your squarepusher, the greaser off the railway, in his cometobed hat.  Did you, says I. That’s not for you to say, says I. You never seen me in the mantrap with a married highlander, says I. The likes of her!  Stag that one is!  Stubborn as a mule!  And her walking with two fellows the one time, Kilbride, the enginedriver, and lancecorporal Oliphant.


(He flourishes his ashplant, shivering the lamp image, shattering light
over the world.  A liver and white Spaniel on the prowl slinks after him,
growlingLynch scares it with A kick.)

Lynch:  So that?

Stephen:  (Looks behind) So that gesture, not music not odour, would be a universal language, the gift of tongues rendering visible not the lay sense but the first entelechy, the structural rhythm.

Lynch:  Pornosophical philotheology.  Metaphysics in Mecklenburgh street!

Stephen:  We have shrewridden Shakespeare and henpecked Socrates.  Even the allwisest Stagyrite was bitted, bridled and mounted by a light of love.

Lynch:  Ba!

Stephen:  Anyway, who wants two gestures to illustrate a loaf and a jug?  This movement illustrates the loaf and jug of bread or wine in Omar.  Hold my stick.

Lynch:  Damn your yellow stick.  Where are we going?

Stephen:  Lecherous lynx, to la belle dame Sans MERCI, Georgina Johnson,

(Stephen thrusts the ashplant on him and slowly holds out his hands, his
head going back till both hands are A span from his breast, down turned,
in planes intersecting, the fingers about to part, the left being

Lynch:  Which is the jug of bread?  It skills not.  That or the customhouse. 
Illustrate thou.  Here take your crutch and walk.

(They passTommy Caffrey scrambles to A GASLAMP and, clasping, climbs in
spasms. From the top spur he slides downJacky Caffrey clasps to climb
The navvy lurches against the lampThe twins scuttle off

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