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The children:  Kithogue!  Salute!

The idiot:  (Lifts A palsied left arm and gurgles) Grhahute!

The children:  Where’s the great light?

The idiot:  (GOBBING) Ghaghahest.

(They release himHe jerks on.  A pigmy woman swings on A rope slung
between two railings, counting.  A form sprawled against A dustbin and
muffled by its arm and hat snores, groans, grinding growling teeth, and
snores againOn A step A gnome totting among A RUBBISHTIP crouches to
shoulder A sack of rags and bones.  A crone standing by with A smoky
OILLAMP rams her last bottle in the Maw of his sackHe heaves his booty,
tugs askew his peaked cap and hobbles off mutelyThe crone makes back
for her lair, swaying her lamp.  A Bandy child, Asquat on the doorstep
with A paper shuttlecock, crawls sidling after her in spurts, clutches
her skirt, scrambles up.  A drunken navvy grips with both hands the
railings of an area, lurching heavilyAt A comer two night watch in
SHOULDERCAPES, their hands upon their STAFFHOLSTERS, loom tall.  A plate
crashes:  A woman screams:  A child wailsOaths of A man roar, Mutter,
ceaseFigures wander, lurk, peer from WarrensIn A room lit by A candle
stuck in A Bottleneck A slut combs out the TATTS from the hair of A
scrofulous childCissy CAFFREY’S voice, still young, sings shrill from A

Cissy Caffrey

    I gave it to Molly
    because she was jolly,
    the leg of the duck,
    the leg of the duck.

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