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That lurks only in spheres of the Substance of Life;
Fares past the quartz and hides in the throat of the wearer. 
Shuns diamond glory for greater of flesh;
Builds higher and higher to balance unstable
In beauty of male and in exquisite female,
And sends through the intricate meshwork of cells—­
Sheer matter, kin of this quartz—­
Its evidence:  light-hue, radiance crimson,
Eye-gleam, pulse-throb, vigor and nerve-thrill
Of just that common, miraculous Gift,
health of a body wherein dwells soul.

There, say I, the Infinite worked well! 
Come now to you the artisan’s skill for this marvel,
Physical man:  to refine and ennoble;
To reveal the inclosure of spirit unmarred,
And grow in the mobile, responsive flesh
Mind perfect, held fast in our Crystal superb,
The Universe complete. 
—­The author.


Physical tone.

“In the healthy body every cell is polarized in subjection to the Central Will.  Perfect health, therefore, is orderly obedience, government and harmony.  Every cell is a living entity, whether of vegetable or animal potency, and wherever disease is, there are disunion, error, rebellion and insubordination; and the deeper the seat of the confusion, the more dangerous the malady and the harder to quell it.”—­J.  C. Street.

The thought of the above quotation does not mean that the insubordination is necessarily conscious to the diseased individual, but that it surely obtains within the physical arena of his life.  Because it is not the outcome of his deliberate choice, the case is not hopeless in the nature of things, but is open to better conditions.  The deeper self which has intended no rebellion against the laws of bodily well-being may now distinctly intend harmony, and so lift the body to a higher plane.

And the last sentence in the quotation does not mean that you are to undertake a vast amount of hard work, assuming that you are not in perfect physical condition.  You are, rather, just to begin and go on thinking yourself in a real way as in harmony with the Central Will, which is our White Life, and to hold steadfastly in the deeper self the ideas, Affirmation and Realization of Splendid Personal Tone.

Some of the meanings of these powerful words will be unfolded later, In the meantime, as all things are subject to law, let us observe a number of the general conditions to three-fold health, that of body, mind and the inner self, regarding their totality as the atmosphere, so to speak, in which courage most easily and perfectly thrives.

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