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“There is yet very much land to be possessed.”  No one will possess all of that land in the present stage of existence.  Some will be able to claim more than others, but they will err if they assume themselves to be favorites, and the “others” will do worse than err if they complain, “We, alas, are down on our luck.”  Be assured of one thing:  all may be rid of their fears and the whole mass of distress induced by fears.  All may acquire dauntless yet serene courage.  In that state, if it be of the highest, as it may be, will come to them a peace, a happiness, an influx of buoyancy, a confidence, a sense of well-being, the like of which they have never known.


You who now read this page are, thus, invited to begin our study by denying and affirming, as follows: 

First—­the daily regime of denial

I deny the existence of error, so far as I am concerned. 
I deny disease to be my necessary portion. 
I deny the need of any of my fears. 
I deny the reality of any cause for fear. 
I deny that I am less than a king. 
I deny that ignorance is an essential part of my lot. 
I deny that poverty is decreed to me. 
I deny that I am low-born or of bad blood. 
I deny that I am “down on my luck.” 
I deny by my life that others are my superiors. 
I deny that anything can hurt the essential me
I deny a vindictive God. 
I deny that slavery is religious. 
I deny that I am not the friend of the White Life. 
I deny that I am mean, low or ignoble in morals. 
I deny that my best life depends on creeds. 
I deny that the Universe is not for me. 
I deny that health is not my rightful claim. 
I deny that I am unhappy or depressed. 
I deny that I am weak and a nonentity. 
I deny that I shall not unfold forever. 
I deny all that is opposed to my best welfare.

Second—­the daily regime of affirmation
I affirm truth to be my desire and possession. 
I affirm health to be my rightful claim. 
I affirm fearlessness of that which I have feared
I affirm cause and reason only for courage. 
I affirm that reason is independent of fear. 
I affirm my sovereign selfhood. 
I affirm that life is my perfect university. 
I affirm that I am success. 
I affirm that a part of the world’s plenty is for me. 
I affirm myself the white-life equal of others. 
I affirm my real self impregnable to hurt. 
I affirm the Infinite Life to be my Friend. 
I affirm that spirituality is true freedom. 
I affirm myself the friend of the Infinite. 
I affirm that mine is the white-life
I affirm my independence of narrow creeds. 
I affirm buoyant happiness as my present possession. 
I am power! 
I shall live and unfold forever.

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