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Third methodThe culture of spiritual courage.  By the word “spiritual” I mean not merely religious in the ordinary sense, but rather that kind of courage which is just the breath and tone of the White Life manifest in the human life.  The white life in you is harmony with the White Life which is The Good, The Beautiful, The True, The All-Health, The Father, The Infinite Soul of this wonderful Universe in which we live.  If you come to harmony with the White Life, your fears will vanish because you will then share in the Courage of the Eternal Good.

There are two kinds of courage: 

The courage that Dares and Wins; and

The courage that Smiles and receives.

    “And shall I with a Giant strive,
    And charge a Dragon on the field?”

In these lines we have the first kind of courage.  It is good, but there is a type which is vastly superior: 

I am the courage of the soul harmonic with the perfect whole.

These lines indicate the second kind of courage—­than which there is no higher.  “Herein is love with us made perfect, that we may have boldness.”

These are our methods.  They are commended to your approval.  I shall try to state them plainly, going on from one fear to another, and another, until the long list is disposed of, and always shall I follow details of procedure similar to those set forth in “Power for success,” the ideal constantly being

Exactly what to do and how to do exactly that.


“There is no limit to the knowing of the mind that knows.”—­ Indian Upanishads.

I wish to indulge in a little Foreword because in this way may be indicated a warning against contentment with a seemingly very sensible conclusion which will prove, on further thought, to be hasty and incomplete.

Five years ago I wrote in this identical place in our study these words: 

“Fear will never go out of this world until pleasure loses value, desire ceases for want of an object, and reason no longer imposes responsibility.

“The best gift of Nature to primitive man, after reason, was fear.

“The imagination is reason’s magnifying power.

“Fear observed and obeyed by reason is a friend.

“Fear and reason take care of man.

“Fear and imagination send him into a panic.”

To many minds these statements will have the look of sanity.

But there are others who will instantly perceive that they represent thought on a comparatively low plane.  I now observe: 

The best gift of Life to primeval man, after love, was reason.

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