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Therefore our higher advance to mastery of self is up the steps of the following 14 lessons, in which the underlying note is the everlasting declaration, “I am courageWhatever BETIDES, the true self of me demands courage!”

Dr. Haddock will open new views of individual nature, personal fears, avenues of self-unfoldment, which are wholesome and uplifting for you.  The following lessons are more than a conquest of fear; they are A great Adventure into the heart of a courageous life philosophy.  They tear away bond after bond of habit, thought and action which have smothered your true, inner Self.

Passing the brief “Introductory” matter, you start in lesson one—­ “The World’s New Dawn,” laying the foundation for Courage-power.  Dr. Haddock first makes it clear why man is steadily becoming more free—­why darkening, dreadful, shackling fear is being dispelled from the world.  His second lesson analyzes Fear and Reason.  The third lesson explains why the healthy “tone” of mind and body is the basis upon which the structure of personal Courage is to be reared.


                      “For all may have,
    If they dare choose, a glorious life.” 

I have received many letters from people who are distressed by their fears.  To every such an one let me send this assured message: 

You can grow in your soul a perfect courage.

The methods adapted to this ideal are simple, not impossible to any, and will become less and less difficult as you continue to make them more and more a real part of your life.

I do not say, “Be courageous.”

I do not say, “Destroy your fears.”

Such advice is common enough, but it is altogether barren unless you know how to carry it out.  I hope, rather, to present methods which shall be definite and practical, so that you will be able to do the very thing needful.  These methods, in the large, I now announce as follows: 

First methodThe inspiration of the subconscious mind.  You are invited, always through the reading of this book and during life, to believe, assume and realize—­

I am growing in my soul A perfect courage.

Second methodThe elimination of fear.  This is the negative phase of our work.  Specific instructions will be given having to do with every kind of fear.  I shall endeavor to suggest practical help to all readers for each particular difficulty.

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