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His uncle, who is President of our Brazilian Convention, as we have already stated, whose family embraces in its immediate connection over a thousand people, in a letter written me after I left Rio, reinforces this appeal.  He says: 

“I come to call your attention to the State of Piauhy, the field in Brazil at present which seems to me to be the best prepared for evangelization.  Many things have contributed to bring this about.  The Masons, on the one hand, have done the most they possibly could against Romanism; on the other hand, the propaganda sincere and fervent of a small church founded in the southern part of the State, which happily is receiving the greatest blessing from Almighty God, is greatly contributing to the reception of the gospel throughout the State.  My brother, Col.  Benj.  Nogueira, the founder of that church, has passed away, but he has left sons who are spiritual and who continue to work.  With the work developed there it will spread beneficently.  In the adjoining townships there exist many believers, and a church will be founded soon in Paranagua, a town situated on the beautiful lake by the same name.  In the cities of Jerumenha and Floriano there are already small churches, which united to the others in assiduous labors, will powerfully contribute to the evangelization of the State, which is one of the most promising of Northern Brazil.  My friend, Senator Gervazio de Britto Passo, strongly desires that a minister of the gospel come to the section where he is most influential.  This Senator greatly sympathizes with our cause and is convinced that his numerous and influential friends as soon as enlightened by a pastor as to what the religion of the Baptists is, will unite with them, becoming evangelical.  The best moment to move in that State is the present one, when so many causes concur for our evangelical development.  The population of Piauhy, which is over 500,000, will increase considerably as well as its economic wealth.

“I hope that you will not leave this field without pastors, where the gospel is being received as the greatest benefit to which the people can aspire for their civilization.”

It was my good fortune to meet the present Senator from the State of Piauhy aboard the ship as he went up the coast, and he, while not a Protestant, urged upon me the importance of our heeding the call of this Nogueira family and personally assured me that he would do his utmost to see that such a missionary would have the widest opportunity to preach the gospel to the people.  This must be a Macedonian call, which we hope to soon be able to heed.


The last stand op the Latin race.

There was a time in the life of the Anglo-Saxon race When it became necessary for at least a portion of it to go out into a new country in order that it might achieve the larger destiny it was to fulfill in the world.  God was behind that exodus as truly as he was behind the transplanting of Abraham into a new environment.  Here in our country, unfettered by despotic traditions and precedents, the Anglo-Saxon achieved religious and political liberty with a rapidity and thoroughness that could not have been possible in the old Continent of Europe.

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