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When I first entered upon the study of medicine, I, too, did not believe in the curative power of homeopathic doses; but experience caused me to change my mind.  The well-selected remedy administered at the right time often works wonders.

True homeopathic medicines in high-potency doses are so highly refined and rarefied that they cannot possibly produce harmful results or suppress Nature’s cleansing and healing efforts; on the contrary, if employed according to the Law of Homeopathy:  “like cures like,” they assist in producing acute reactions or healing crises, thus aiding Nature in the work of purification and repair.

Homeopathy Works with the Laws of Cure, Not Against Them. Similia similibus curantur (like cures like) translated into practice means that a drug capable of producing a certain set of disease symptoms in a healthy body, when given in large, physiological doses, will relieve or cure a similar set of symptoms in the diseased organism if the drug be given in small, homeopathic doses.

For instance, belladonna, given in large, poisonous doses to a healthy person, will cause a peculiar headache with sharp, stabbing pains in forehead and temples, high fever, violent delirium, dilation of the pupils, dryness and rawness of the throat, scarlet redness of the skin and extreme sensitiveness to light, jars and noises.

It will be observed that this is a fair picture of a typical case of scarlet fever.  A homeopathic prescriber, when called to a scarlet fever patient exhibiting in a marked degree three or more of the above-described symptoms, would give a trituration of belladonna, say 6x.  In numberless cases the fever has subsided and its symptoms have rapidly disappeared under such treatment.

The reader may say:  “I do not see any difference between this and the allopathic suppression of disease by drugs.”

There is a great difference.  The allopathic physician may use the same remedy, belladonna, in the same case, but he will give from ten to twenty drops of tincture of belladonna, repeated every three or four hours.  These doses are from twenty to forty thousand times stronger than the homeopathic 3x or 6x.

Herein lies the difference.  The allopathic dose allays the fever symptoms by paralyzing the organism as a whole and the different vital organs and their functions in particular.  This is frankly admitted in every allopathic materia medica.  But by such dosing Nature is forcibly interrupted in her efforts of cleansing and healing; the acute reaction is suppressed, but not cured.

If fever is a healing effort of Nature, it may be controlled and modified, but must not be suppressed.  A minute dose of homeopathic belladonna, acting on the innermost cells of the organism which the coarser allopathic doses would paralyze, stimulates these cells to effort in the right direction.  It brings about conditions similar to those produced by Nature, and thus assists her; it is cooperation instead of counteroperation.

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