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Dismiss all thoughts of hurry, care, worry or fear and dwell upon the following thoughts: 

“I am now completely relaxed in body and mind.  I am receptive to Nature’s harmonious and invigorating vibrations—­they dispel the discordant and destructive vibrations of hurry, worry, fear and anger.  New life, new health, new strength are entering into me with every breath, pervading my whole being.”

Repeat these thoughts mentally, or, if it helps you, say them aloud several times, quietly and forcefully, impressing them deeply upon your inner consciousness.

After practicing relaxation in this manner, lie down for a few minutes’ rest—­if circumstances permit—­or practice rhythmical breathing (see Chapter Twenty-Eight).  Then return to your work and endeavor to maintain a calm, trustful, controlled attitude of mind.

If you are inclined to be irritable, suspicious, jealous, fault-finding, envious, etc., dwell on the following thought pictures: 

“I am now fully relaxed, at rest and at peace.  The world is an echo.  If I send forth irritable, suspicious, hateful thought vibrations, the like will return to me from other minds.  I shall think such thoughts no longer.  God is love, love is harmony, happiness, heaven.  The more I send forth Love, the more I am like God; the more of love will God and men return to me; the more shall I realize true happiness, true health, true strength and true success.”

Relaxation Before Going to Sleep

When ready to go to sleep, lie flat on your back, so that as nearly as possible every part of the spine touches the bed, extend the arms along the sides of the body, hands turned upward, palms open, every muscle relaxed.  Dismiss all thoughts of work, annoyance or anxiety.  Say to yourself:  “I am now going to sleep soundly and peacefully.  I am master of my body, my mind and my soul.  Nothing evil shall disturb me.  At ....  A. M., neither earlier nor later, I shall awaken rested and refreshed, strong in body and mind.  I shall meet tomorrow’s tasks and duties promptly and serenely.”

Simple as this formula may seem, it has helped cure many a case of persistent insomnia and nervous prostration.  Having thus set your mental alarm clock, with a few times, practice you will be able to wake up, without being called, at the appointed time and to demonstrate to yourself the power of your mind over your body.

The quality of your sleep and its effect upon your system depend on the character of the mental and psychic vibrations carried into it.  If you harbor thoughts of passion, worry or fear, these destructive thought vibrations will disturb your slumbers and you will awaken in the morning weak and tired.  If, however, you repeat mentally a formula such as the above, suggesting harmonious, constructive thoughts, until you lose consciousness, you will carry into your slumbers vibrations of rest, health and strength, producing corresponding effects upon the physical organism.

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