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However, this can be determined only by a fair trial of the natural methods.  The forces of Nature are ever ready to react to persistent, systematic effort in the right direction and when there is enough vitality to keep alive there is likely to be enough to purify and reconstruct the organism and in time to bring about improvement and cure.

This, then, explains why, in the organic types of diseases, metaphysical methods of treatment alone are insufficient.  At least one-half of the patients that come to the Nature Cure physician have faithfully tried these methods without avail, but the failures are easily excused by lack of faith, wrong mental attitude or something wrong with the patient or his surroundings.

In our experience with patients who had formerly tried metaphysical methods of healing faithfully, but without results, we sometimes come face to face with a curious and amusing phase of human nature.  As our patients improve under the natural regimen and treatment, they gradually return to their first love and ascribe the good effects of natural treatment to a better understanding of “the Science.”  As health and strength return, they say:  “Formerly I did not know just how to apply the Science, but now I know, and that is why I am growing better.”

I suppose this form of self-deception which we have frequently observed is due to the fact that people feel flattered by the idea that Providence has taken a special interest in their case and cured them by miraculous intervention.  It is so much more interesting to be cured by some occult principle than by diet and cold water.

Undoubtedly it is this miracle-loving element in human nature that makes metaphysical healing so much more popular than plain, commonsense Nature Cure.

Not long ago Professor Munsterberg investigated the claims of Christian Scientists that they were constantly curing diseases of the organic type.  He reported his findings in a series of articles in McClure’s Magazine (1908), stating that he inquired personally into one hundred cases said to have been cured by Christian Science and found that ninety-two of them had been of the functional type, while eight were claimed to have been organic, but that in no instance could this be proved beyond doubt.

Chapter XXXV

The Two-fold Attitude of Mind and Soul

The following is an extract from a letter sent to me by a reader of my articles in The Nature Cure Magazine.

“Sometimes you say we must rely on our own personal efforts and at other times you teach dependence upon a higher power.  This, to me, is contradictory and confusing.  I cannot understand how, consistently, we can do both at the same time.  Which is right?  Is it best to rely upon our own power and our personal efforts or upon the ’Higher Power’?”

Similar inquiries have come from other friends.  I shall now endeavor to answer these and other questions.

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