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Our forefathers were too pessimistic; higher thought enthusiasts are often too optimistic.  While the former poisoned their lives and paralyzed their God-given faculties and powers by dismal dread of hell’s fire and damnation, our modern healers and Scientists have drifted to the other extreme.  They tell us there is no sin, no pain, no suffering.  If that be true, there is also no action and reaction, no Law of Compensation, no personal responsibility, no need of self-control, self-help or personal effort.

The ideal of the faith healer is the ideal of the animal.  The animal trusts implicitly, it has absolute faith; guided by instinct, God, or Nature, it follows the promptings of its appetites and passions without worrying about right or wrong.  It acts today as it did ten thousand years ago.

In man, reason has taken the place of instinct; we must think and manage for ourselves.  We are free and responsible moral agents.  If we deny this, we deny the very foundations of equity, justice and right.  It behooves us to use the talents which God has given us, to study the laws of our being and to comply with them to the best of our ability, so that enlightened reason may take the place of animal instinct and guide us to physical, mental and moral perfection.

Chapter XXXIV

The Difference Between Functional and Organic Disease

Much confusion concerning the curability of chronic diseases by the various methods of treatment arises because people do not understand the difference between functional and organic chronic disease.

For instance, there is a close resemblance between pseudo-and true locomotor ataxy.  Often it is difficult to distinguish functional lung trouble from the organic type of the disease.  In our practice, several cases of mental derangement which had been diagnosed as true paresis proved to be of the functional type and under natural treatment recovered rapidly.

Functional diseases may present a very serious appearance and may be labeled with awe-inspiring Greek or Latin names, and yet yield readily to natural methods of living and treatment.

In diseases of an organic nature, however, right living and self-treatment are usually not sufficient to obtain satisfactory results.  In such cases all forms of active and passive treatment must be applied, and even then it is frequently difficult and sometimes impossible to produce a cure.

Chronic diseases of a functional nature develop when an otherwise healthy organism becomes saturated and clogged with food and drug poisons to such an extent that these encumbrances interfere with the free circuation of the blood and nerve currents, and with the normal functions of the cells, organs and tissues of the body.

Such cases resemble a watch which is losing time because its works are filled with dust.  All that such a waste-encumbered watch or body needs, in order to restore normal functions, is a good cleaning.  Pure food diet, fasting, systematic exercise, deep breathing, cold bathing and the right mental attitude are usually sufficient to perform this physical housecleaning and to restore perfect health.

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