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Suppose manipulative treatment should succeed in stopping a fever instantaneously.  This would suppress Nature’s purifying, regenerating efforts, the patient would continue to “load up” more morbid materials (especially since these schools do not teach the importance of natural living) and it would only be a matter of time until the morbid accumulations in the body would excite new acute reactions, necessitating more adjustments.  This may be all right for the practitioner; but what about the patient?  In the long run it can only have one result, and that is chronic disease.

Chapter XXXIII

Legitimate Scope and Natural Limitations of Mental and Metaphysical Healing

During the last generation people have perceived more or less clearly the fallacies of “Old School” medicine and surgery.  They have grown more and more suspicious of orthodox theories and practices.  From allopathic “overdoing” the pendulum has swung to the other extreme of metaphysical nihilism, to the “underdoing” of mental and metaphysical systems of treating human ailments.

Some of these systems and cults of metaphysical healing have met with success and wide popularity and this is looked upon by their followers as a proof that all the claims and teachings of these cults and isms are based upon absolute truth.

However, a thorough understanding of the fundamental Laws of Cure, as I have explained them in this volume, will reveal in how far their teachings and their practices are based upon truth and in how far they are inspired by erroneous assumptions.

Let us then apply the yardstick and the weights and measures of Nature Cure philosophy in testing the true value of the claims of metaphysical healers.

For ages people have been educated in the belief that almost every acute disease will end fatally unless the patient is drugged or operated on.  When they find to their surprise that the metaphysical formulas or prayers of a mental healer or Christian Scientist will “cure” baby’s measles or father’s smallpox just as well as, and possibly better than, Dr. Dopem’s pills and potions, they are firmly convinced that a miracle has been performed in their behalf and straightway they become blind believers in and fanatical followers of their new idols.

They simply exchange one superstition for another:  the belief in the efficacy of drugs and surgical operations for the belief in the wonder-working power of a metaphysical formula, a self-appointed savior or a reason-stultifying and will-benumbing cult.  They have not been taught that every acute disease is the result of a healing effort of Nature and therefore fail to see that it is vital force, the physician within, that, if conditions are favorable, cures measles and smallpox as easily as it repairs the broken blade of grass or heals the wounded deer of the forest.

“That is exactly what we say,” exclaim healer and scientist.  “Have unlimited faith in the God within and all will be well.”

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