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Such an operator makes himself the instrument for the transmission of life force, which is healing force, from the Source of all life.  “As he gives, so he receives”; for this is the basic law of the universe, the Law of Compensation.  If he gives the treatments in the right spirit, he will gain vital force instead of losing it.  He will actually feel his own intensified life vibrations and after treating he will experience a feeling of buoyancy and elation which nothing else can impart to him.  “He who loses his life shall find it.”

Like a musician who tunes up (puts in harmonious vibration) the relaxed strings of his instrument, so the magnetic healer tunes up and harmonizes the weakened and discordant vibrations of his patient.

Good massage will produce electromagnetic effects even though the operator is not aware of it and does not understand the underlying laws; but his work will gain in power and effectiveness in direct proportion to the conscious efforts he makes to benefit his patients by the influence of these higher and finer forces.

I have frequently noticed in my own manipulative work how much the conscious and concentrated effort of the will has to do with its effectiveness.  Often, when I had given the usual massage or osteopathic treatment and the patient still complained of pain in a certain locality of the body, I would lay my hands on the affected area and concentrate my will upon dissolving the congestion in that particular part or organ and upon harmonizing its discordant vibrations.  Very shortly, usually within a few minutes, the congestion would be relieved and the pain would subside.

The electromagnetic energies of the organism can be controlled by the will and either concentrated to or sent away from any part of the body, just as the circulation of the blood can be controlled.  The latter I saw done by a hypnotist who made the blood flow into and out of the arms and hands of one of his subjects simply by the power of his will.

While this was accomplished by means of a destructive process, it taught me a most valuable lesson regarding the power of the will to control physical conditions.

Try it yourself.  Next time when you have one of your annoying headaches, recline comfortably in a chair or on a couch, relax completely and then Will the blood to flow away from the brain in order to relieve the congestion and the attendant pain.  Many of my patients have learned to treat themselves successfully in this way.

It is obvious that magnetic treatment will not remove pain permanently if the latter is due to irritation caused by a subluxated bone or by some foreign body or by local accumulation of morbid matter and poisons in any part or organ.  In all such cases the local cause of the irritation must be removed before the pain can subside or disappear.

Spinal Manipulation and Adjustment History

In many European countries “bonesetters” have, in a crude way, been treating strains and sprains of the spinal column since time immemorial.  These bonesetters usually belong to the peasantry and the art has been transmitted in the same families from father to son for many generations.

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