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Chapter XXXII

Manipulative Treatment Massage

Massage has very much the same effects upon the system as the cold-water treatment.  It accelerates the circulation, draws the blood into the surface, relaxes and opens the pores of the skin, promotes the elimination of morbid matter and increases and stimulates the electromagnetic energies in the body.

We have learned that one of the primary causes of chronic disease is the accumulation of waste matter and systemic poisons in the tissues of the body.  These morbid encumbrances clog the capillaries, thus obstructing the circulation and interfering with or preventing the normal activity of the organs of elimination, especially the skin.

The deep-going massage, the squeezing, kneading, rolling and stroking, actually squeezes the stagnant blood and the morbid accumulations out of the tissues into the venous circulation, speeds the venous blood, charged with waste products and poisons, on its way to the lungs and enables the arterial blood with its freight of oxygen and nourishing elements to flow more freely into the less-obstructed tissues and organs.

Through manipulation of the fleshy tissues, the blood is drawn to the surface of the body and in that way the elimination of morbid matter through the relaxed and opened pores of the skin is greatly facilitated.

Very important are the electromagnetic effects of good massage upon the system.  The positive magnetism of the operator will stir up and intensify the latent electromagnetic energies in the body of the patient, very much like a piece of iron or steel is magnetized by rubbing it with a horseshoe magnet.  The more normal and positive, morally and mentally as well as physically, the operator, the more marked will be the good effects of the treatment upon the weak and negative patient.

Magnetic Treatment

The beneficial effect of magnetic treatment is not so much due to the actual transmission of vital force from operator to patient as to the arousing and stimulating of the latent, inactive electromagnetic energies of the latter, the polarizing of his magnetic forces.

The horseshoe magnet does not impart its own magnetism to the piece of iron which is rubbed with it, but the electromagnetic energies in the magnet arouse to vibratory activity the latent electromagnetic energies in the iron.  This is proved by the fact that both magnet and iron will remain magnetic as long as they are used for magnetizing other substances, but through disuse both will lose their magnetic qualities.

I am often asked by my operators and others:  “How can I best develop my magnetism?” and “Is there danger of losing my vitality and becoming ‘negative’ by treating the sick in this way?” It is true that manipulative work, like everything else, can be overdone and produce harmful effects upon the operator.  But within reasonable limits, massage and magnetic treatments will not deplete the person giving them, providing he keeps his system in good condition.  His own vibrations must be harmonious on all planes of being, the physical, mental, moral and spiritual.  He must be inspired and actuated by the faith that he CAN heal, by the positive will to heal, and by sympathy for the one he is trying to benefit.

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