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In our work we do not confine ourselves to the Diagnosis from the Eye, but combine with it the diagnostic methods (physical diagnosis) of the regular school of medicine and the osteopathic diagnosis of bony lesions, as well as microscopic examinations and chemical analyses.

Thus any one of these methods supplements and verifies all the others.  In this way only is it possible to arrive at a thorough and definite understanding of the patient’s condition.

The “Key to the Diagnosis from the Eye” outlines with precision the areas of the iris as they correspond to the various parts of the body.  This colored chart of the iris has been prepared by Dr. H. Lahn, author of “The Diagnosis From the Eye,” and can be obtained from the Kosmos Publishing Co., 2112 Sherman Ave., Evanston, Ill.

Chapter XXIV


In Chapter Four, we named, as the first of the primary causes of disease, lowered vitality.

What can we do to increase vitality?  “Old School” physicians and people in general seem to think that this can be done by consuming large quantities of nourishing food and drink and by the use of stimulants and tonics.

The constant cry of patients is:  “Doctor, if you could only prescribe some good tonic or some food that will give me strength, then I should be all right!  I am sure that is all I need to be cured.”

We fully agree with the patient that he needs more vitality to overcome disease, but unfortunately this cannot be obtained from food and drink, from stimulants and tonics.

Vitality, life, life force, whatever we may call it or whatever its aspect, is not something we can eat and drink.  It is independent of the physical body and of material food.  If the body should “fall dead,” as we call it, the life force would continue to act just as vigorously in the spiritual body, which is the exact counterpart of the physical organism.

The physical-material body as well as the spiritual-material body are only the instruments for the manifestation of the life force.  They are no more life itself than the violin is the artist.

But just as the violin must be kept in good condition in order to enable the artist to draw from it the harmonies of sound, so food and drink are necessary to keep the physical body in the best possible condition for the manifestation of vital force.  The more normal our physical and spiritual bodies are in structure and function, the more harmonious our thought life and emotional life, the more abundant will be the influx of vital force into the twofold organism.

This important subject has been treated more fully in Chapter IV.

Ignorance of these simple truths leads to the most serious mistakes.  Physicians and people in general do not stop to think that excessive eating and drinking tend to rob the body of vitality instead of supplying it.

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