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Colonel. [Bowing his head.] I never would have believed she’d have forgotten herself.

Miss beech. [Very solemnly.] Ah, my dear!  We’re all the same; we’re all as hollow as that tree!  When it’s ourselves it’s always a special case!

     [The colonel makes a movement of distress, and Miss beech goes
     to him.]

Don’t you take it so to heart, my dear!

     [A silence.]

Colonel. [Shaking his head.] I couldn’t have believed Molly would forget that child.

Miss beech. [Sadly.] They must go their own ways, poor things!  She can’t put herself in the child’s place, and the child can’t put herself in Molly’s.  A woman and a girl—­there’s the tree of life between them!

Colonel. [Staring into the tree to see indeed if that were the tree alluded to.] It’s a grief to me, Peachey, it’s a grief! [He sinks into a chair, stroking his long moustaches.  Then to avenge his hurt.] Shan’t tell Nell—­dashed if I do anything to make the trouble worse!

Miss beech. [Nodding.] There’s suffering enough, without adding to it with our trumpery judgments!  If only things would last between them!

Colonel. [Fiercely.] Last!  By George, they’d better——­

     [He stops, and looking up with a queer sorry look.]

I say, Peachey Life’s very funny!

Miss beech.  Men and women are! [Touching his forehead tenderly.] There, there—­take care of your poor, dear head!  Tsst!  The blessed innocents!

     [She pulls the colonel’s sleeve.  They slip away towards the
     house, as joy and Dick come back.  They are still linked
     together, and stop by the hollow tree.]

Joy. [In a whisper.] Dick, is love always like this?

Dick. [Putting his arms around her, with conviction.] It’s never been like this before.  It’s you and me!

     [He kisses her on the lips.]

The curtain falls.




John Anthony, Chairman of the Trenartha Tin Plate Works
Edgar Anthony, his Son

Frederic H. Wilder, |
William Scantlebury,| Directors Of the same
Oliver Wanklin,     |

Henry Tench, Secretary of the same
Francis Underwood, C.E., Manager of the same
Simon Harness, a Trades Union official

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