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     [Enid, hurrying through the double-doors, comes quickly to her

Anthony.  Both broken men, my friend Roberts!

Harness. [Coming down and laying his hands on Roberts’s sleeve.]
For shame, Roberts!  Go home quietly, man; go home!

Roberts. [Tearing his arm away.] Home? [Shrinking together—­in a whisper.] Home!

Enid. [Quietly to her father.] Come away, dear!  Come to your room

[Anthony rises with an effort.  He turns to Roberts who looks at him.  They stand several seconds, gazing at each other fixedly; Anthony lifts his hand, as though to salute, but lets it fall.  The expression of Roberts’s face changes from hostility to wonder.  They bend their heads in token of respect.  Anthony turns, and slowly walks towards the curtained door.  Suddenly he sways as though about to fall, recovers himself, and is assisted out by Edgar and Enid; Underwood follows, but stops at the door.  Roberts remains motionless for several seconds, staring intently after Anthony, then goes out into the hall.]

Tench. [Approaching Harness.] It’s a great weight off my mind, Mr.
Harness!  But what a painful scene, sir! [He wipes his brow.]

     [Harness, pale and resolute, regards with a grim half-smile the

Tench.  It’s all been so violent!  What did he mean by:  “Done us both down?” If he has lost his wife, poor fellow, he oughtn’t to have spoken to the Chairman like that!

Harness.  A woman dead; and the two best men both broken!

Tench. [Staring at him-suddenly excited.] D’you know, sir—­these terms, they’re the very same we drew up together, you and I, and put to both sides before the fight began?  All this—­all this—­and—­and what for?

Harness. [In a slow grim voice.] That’s where the fun comes in!

     [Underwood without turning from the door makes a gesture of

The curtain falls.



          The Eldest Son
          The Little Dream




Sir William Cheshire, a baronet
lady Cheshire, his wife
bill, their eldest son
Harold, their second son
Ronald Keith(in the Lancers), their son-in-law
Christine (his wife), their eldest daughter
Dot, their second daughter
Joan, their third daughter

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