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’Yes; I hope that concentrated earnestness of attention may do something to make up for my deficiency in almost every other qualification,’ said James.  ’At least, I feel some of the importance of the charge, and never was anything more welcome.’

‘And how did it happen?’

’People are more forgiving than I could have hoped.  Mr. Calcott has offered me this, in the kindest way; and as if that were not enough, see what poor little Clara says.’

‘Poor little Clara!’ said Isabel, reading the letter; ’you don’t mean to disappoint her!’

’I should be a brute if I did.  No; I wrote to her this morning to thank her for her pardoning spirit.’

’You should have told me; I should like to send her my love.  I am glad she has not quite forgotten us, though she mistook the way to her own happiness.’

’Isabel! unless I were to transport you to Cheveleigh a year ago, nothing would persuade you of my utter wrong-headedness.’

‘Nor that, perhaps,’ said Isabel, with a calm smile.

‘Not my having brought you to be grateful for the Union chaplaincy?’

‘Not if you had brought me to the Union literally,’ said Isabel, smiling.  ’Indeed, dear James, I think we have both been so much the better and happier for this last year, that I would not have been without it for any consideration; and if any mistakes on your part led to it, they were mistakes on the right side.  Don’t shake your head, for you know they were what only a good man could have made.’

‘That may be all very well for a wife to believe!’

And the rest of the little dispute was concluded, as Charlotte came smiling up with the tea.



Come unto these yellow sands,
And then take hands! 

The Ponsonby family were spending the hot season at Chorillos, the Peruvian watering-place, an irregular assembly of cane-built, mud-besmeared ranches, close on the shore of the Pacific, with the mountains seeming to rise immediately in the rear.

They had gone for Mr. Ponsonby’s health, and Rosita’s amusement; and in the latter object they had completely succeeded.  In her bathing-dress, full trousers, and a beautifully-embroidered blouse, belted at the waist, a broad-brimmed straw hat, and her raven hair braided in two long tresses, she wandered on the shore with many another fair Limenian, or entered the sea under the protection of a brown Indian; and, supported by mates or gourds, would float for hours together among her companions, splashing about, and playing all sorts of frolics, like so many mermaids.

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