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* 3/4 lb.  Flour—­1 1/2d. * * 1 Egg—­1d. * * 1 1/2 gills Milk—­1d. * * 1 tablespoonful Yeast * * 1/2 tablespoonful Sugar—­1/2d. * * 1 oz.  Butter—­1d. * * Total Cost—­5d. * * Time—­One Hour and a Quarter * Rub the butter and flour together, make a well in the centre, sprinkle in the sugar, and drop in the egg.  Mix the yeast and sugar in a basin, make the milk just tepid, and pour it over the yeast.  Strain into the flour and egg and work into a light dough, divide into two parts.  Rub a little butter over two small tins, and put one cake in each tin.  Cover with thin paper, and stand the tins near the stove for an hour, or until they have risen to at least three times their original size; then bake in a quick oven for fifteen minutes.  Serve either plain, or toasted and buttered.


* 1 lb.  Flour—­2d. * * 1/2 pint Milk—­1d. * * 2 oz.  Butter—­1 1/2d. * * 1 Egg—­1d. * * 2 teaspoonsful Baking Powder * * 1 teaspoonful Sugar—­1 1/2d. * * Total Cost—­7d. * * Time—­20 Minutes. * Rub the butter into the flour, stir in the sugar and baking powder.  Beat up the egg and milk, and mix the dry ingredients into a dough with them; divide into two pieces and form each into a flat cake.  Cut lightly across into four with a knife, put on to a buttered tin, and bake twenty minutes.  Cut open, butter, and serve.

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