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* 4 Young Turnips * * 2 Spring Onions—­1 1/2d. * * 2 Boiled Potatoes—­1/2d. * * Half a Lettuce—­1/2d. * * Salad Dressing—­4d. * * Total Cost—­6 1/2 d. * Peel and slice up the turnips and boil them for twenty minutes, or until soft.  Let them get quite cold.  Shred up very small the onions, and slice up the potatoes.  Break up half a lettuce.  Arrange these neatly in a bowl and pour over a simple salad dressing or remoulade sauce.


* 2 Eggs—­2d. * * 1 teaspoonful Curry Powder—­1/2d. * * 1/2 gill Oil * * 1/4 gill Vinegar—­1 1/2d. * * Total Cost—­4d. * Boil the eggs hard; put the yolks into a bowl and work them till they are quite smooth.  Work in gradually the curry powder, oil, and vinegar.  Blend well, and it is ready.  It may be used sometimes instead of mayonnaise or ordinary salad dressing.


* 5 slices Stale Bread * * 1/2 gill Oil * * 3 Pickled Onions * * 1 piece Pickled Cauliflower—­2d. * * 2 Eggs—­2d. * * 1 Beetroot * * 2 slices Cold Mutton * * 1 tablespoonful Vinegar—­1d. * * Mustard and Cress—­1/2d. * * Total Cost—­51/2 d. * Trim off the crust and cut the bread into dice, put into a bowl and pour over the oil.  Let it stand till all the oil is absorbed; then mince up the onion, cauliflower, eggs, and meat, and strew them over.  Season with pepper and salt.  Well wash the mustard and cress and arrange on the top.  Cut the beetroot into neat shapes and arrange as a garnish.


* 2 Tomatoes—­1/2d. * * 1 Cucumber—­2d. * * 1 tablespoonful Oil—­1/2d. * * 1 Spring Onion * * Half a Lettuce * * 2 tablespoonsful Vinegar—­1/2d. * * Total Cost—­31/2 d. * Scald the tomatoes and take off the skin, and put them into cold water or on to the ice until quite cold.  Cut them up the same as an orange; peel and cut up the cucumber into very thin slices and mince up the onion.  Sprinkle these with pepper and salt, pour over the oil and vinegar.  Shred up the lettuce and lay on the top, it is then ready to serve.


* 1 Cauliflower—­3d. * * Half a Lettuce—­1/2d. * * 2 Eggs—­2d. * * 1/2 gill Oil and Vinegar—­1d. * * Total Cost—­61/2 d. * Boil the cauliflower by directions given elsewhere and branch it carefully.  Boil the eggs hard, separate the whites from the yolks; chop the whites small and cut the yolks in slices.  Shred up the lettuce in a bowl and put the branches of cauliflower all round it, and the slices of yolk of egg outside as a border.  Pour on the salad dressing and put the white of egg in little heaps on the lettuce.  It is then ready to serve.


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